Am I Depressed? Check the Signs


Generally, people believe that everyone is a little depressed sometimes, and this is something minor to be considered a severe condition. In fact, such stereotypes are incorrect and can be harmful. People diagnosed with clinical depression suffer from severe symptoms and require special care and treatment from a specialist. 

Do not disregard something as severe as depression. Often, or loved ones suffer alone, without the closest people even noticing. In a fragile state, outside help and support are critical in improving your mental state. Thus, pay attention to those close to you and be ready to offer a helping hand.

You may have trouble recognizing the signs of depression if you’re unfamiliar with the topic. Or, you may be experiencing some worrisome symptoms yourself. If you haven’t been diagnosed with depression before, you may misplace your mental state with some minor troubles. When, in fact, the faster you recognize your issue and come for help to a specialist doctor, the quicker you can return to your regular day, finally full of colors and positive emotions. 

This “Am I depressed” quiz is meant to uncover the signs of depression you or your relatives may be facing. This is not a medical diagnosis or advice, though. In case you are troubled with your mental state, do not be afraid to book a therapy appointment. Please, try to answer honestly and thoughtfully. 

For now, start with checking a few “on the surface” symptoms. 



If you’ve never experienced anxiety, you will not recognize its signs at first. But if you already know how it feels like, there is no chance you miss that. 

  • excessive worrying 
  • feeling agitated 
  • restlessness
  • fatigue 
  • irritability 
  • insomnia
  • panic attacks 

These are the major signs of anxiety. And, considering that anxiety is a symptom of depression as well, these may be distinguished as the signs of depression. 

Hopeless Outlook 


This symptom is quite diverse and may be hard to grasp. Basically, it includes all negative thoughts that drag you ever deeper. 

That’s the point? 

I’m all alone. 

It is my fault. 

Does it even matter? 

If you start asking yourself these questions on a regular basis, pay close attention to the other symptoms or take this Depression quiz to check for other signs. 

The loss of interest in everything concerning your daily life activities can also be added to this symptom. Do you still enjoy hanging out with your friends or doing some of your favorite hobbies? Are you interested in intimate relationships? Ask yourself these questions. 



When you have no energy at the end of a hectic day, that is completely normal. However, when you feel fatigued every evening and even though the day, that’s a worrisome red flag. Especially when you are doing nothing the whole day and still feel tired. Alongside chronic fatigue, check for sleep problems and eating disorders. Are any of these aspects in play for you right now? Then, waste no more time and continue to this Depression test

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