Am I Fat? Check Your Health

Am I Fat

In the age of body positivity, many people forget about the medical issues and reasons to keep your weight healthy. While we are 100 percent pro body positive, we also would like to highlight the dangers of obesity and encourage people to strive for the healthiest version of their body.

Selflove is important for mental stability, but it also means taking care of your body and protecting your health. And people need activity and healthy food in their lives to live a long and happy life. So you need the nutrients to enrich your body, and you need strong muscles to keep your organism functional and prevent injuries. And has great influence on your lifespan. You can check your overall health in this When Will I Die quiz.

All opinions matter, but if you are here, it means yours align with our views. And you are here to check whether it’s time to review your lifestyle or not.

Am I Fat? Measurements

While judging online without taking a look at a person is complicated and prone to mistakes, there are certain signs of obesity clear by a simple questionnaire. Ideally, you should visit medical professionals, so they check not only your measurements but also body composition, water levels, and so on. This assessment will be the most accurate answer to the question - am I obese?

For now, we suggest taking this quiz first to learn whether you display those worrisome signs and whether you need to consult a professional. You’ll just have to answer all the questions honestly and give us five minutes of your time for results. If you get a positive answer, please consult a professional; if not, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if you are uncomfortable in any case, make an appointment anyway.

Fatloss Tips

For healthy weight loss, the best approach is combining sport and clean eating.

First of all, create a healthy diet plan for yourself. Take notice of the calories you consume and the nutrients. There are three main macronutrients to calculate - carbs, fats, and protein. You can always find the ready-to-use diet plans and recommendations concerning the nutrient ratio. Plus, you can get a personalized plan from a dietician.

The second part of weight loss lies in bringing more activities into your life. You can choose any type of fitness that interests you. Try to balance cardio and resistance training. Combines, they work best. Just remember to give your body plenty of rest to restore and build muscles.

Overall, the biggest piece of advice is first to trust your body composition. Regular scales and body measurements do not tell you the complete picture. They are deceptive.

Two people can weigh the same but have different compositions. Plus, their body health issues can vary as well.

Your strength, ease of movement, and quality of life should be the most critical indicators.

This Am I Fat quiz is meant to encourage you to make your body healthier.