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Usually, people have to ask themselves the other way around. However, these days, many things are changing. Today, any self-discovery question is valid, and that is beautiful! No matter your previous experiences, you can question sexuality to determine what truly makes you happy. And though not all people are quite as welcoming and accepting, you should care for yourself first and foremost. And so what if you are no longer in your sexuality? This is why we are here, welcoming you to discover your desires and support you along the way. I am not a professional therapist, though. So, I cannot give you a scientific or medicinal result. In the same way, I cannot consult you. Instead, I can provide you with a set of behaviors that may or may not indicate whether you are straight. And we’ll be analyzing together whether the common signs are there and how strong they are. This test is meant to push you in the right direction. 

Straight Quiz Rules 

To get the most accurate result possible, you should follow a couple of rules. 
  1. Answer only the truth. Try to imagine your answer in your head as you read the question. Just a quick association, whatever comes to mind first. Then, compare the offered options and choose the one closest to your answer. 
  2. Do not try to calculate your chances or try to solve this quiz’s algorithm. You should focus on the questions, answers, and your feelings about them. Just go with the flow. Clear your head and answer whatever comes to mind. 
  3. Do not retake the quiz if you do suspect an answer that you won’t luck. The test remains the most accurate when you answer it the first time with whatever you feel. Do not try to get the desired result by tricks. 
am i straight

Am I Straight?

To answer the question, you’ll have to dig deeper into your feelings and emotions. ] One of the first steps in identifying your sexuality is asking yourself - am I happy living now as is? If the answer is “well, actually, yes,” then you have nothing to worry about. If it’s the wat way around, “actually, no,” then it’s time to start asking questions. Here, we’ll be asking all those questions, and you just need to relax and answer truthfully. Can you do that? If so, then I suggest right after you answer this first question: What makes me think I’m not straight? Is it an episode from life, a feeling, or a sleeting comment from a stranger? As soon as you answer this question in your head, you’ll have a starting point of what has brought this question. If you procrastinate and simply stumble upon the quiz, go on and enjoy it immediately! If you get a negative result, you can also try a comprehensive Sexuality Quiz to learn your orientation! Or you can go straight to the Am I Gay Quiz.   

Am I Straight Quiz: Sexuality Test Questions

straight quiz Do you consider yourself straight now?
  • yes

  • no

  • I don't know now

i am straight quiz Do you feel comfortable around your same-sex friends?
  • I don't really have same-sex friends

  • not comdortable, no

  • yes, absolutely comfortable

  • nooo, I don't have friends at all

the straight test Are your comfortable in a strong "testosterone" straight bar?
  • no, it makes me feel uncomfortable 

  • yes, just my regular level of comfort 

  • I'm a woman, so no 

how to know if you are straight quiz In your romantic/erotic dreams do you see yourself liking people of the same sex or the opposite?
  • same 

  • opposite

  • it's a mishmash of everyone

straight test Do you watch content for adults?
  • yes

  • no

am i straight quiz Do you ever wander into the homosexual category?
  • still not watching 

  • just once or twice 

  • on occasion 

  • yes, sometimes

  • I watch only this category! 

am i straight test Do you believe soulmates can be of the same sex?
  • soulmates? don't be kidding me 

  • well, yes, soulmates can be great friends too 

  • sure, if it's a soulmate, gender doesn't matter 

straight quiz How often do you have sex with the opposite gender?
  • no sex for me yet 

  • regularly 

  • a couple of times a month 

  • very rarely 

  • I don't have sex with the opposite gender 

am i straight When there is a hetero love plot in a book, you
  • love it even more! 

  • I don't read books with love plots usually 

  • hmmm, I think I'll like it less

  • I don't really care about the genders 

am i straight Do you feel comfortable expressing affection towards someone of the same gender in public?
  • Yes

  • No

straight quiz Have you ever questioned your sexual orientation and considered the possibility of being attracted to the same gender?
  • No, I've always known my orientation and never questioned it.

  • I haven't questioned it, but I respect those who have.

  • Yes, I've questioned it and realized I'm exclusively attracted to the opposite gender.

  • I've questioned it and discovered that my attractions are fluid and can vary.

signs you're not straight quiz When exploring dating apps or websites, do you find yourself primarily interested in profiles of the same gender or opposite gender?
  • I'm primarily interested in profiles of the opposite gender.

  • I find myself attracted to profiles of both genders.

  • I'm primarily interested in profiles of the same gender.

  • I don't use dating apps or websites.

am i straight quiz When imagining an ideal vacation or getaway, do you envision yourself with a partner of the same gender or opposite gender?
  • I envision myself with a partner of the opposite gender.

  • I imagine enjoying the vacation with a partner of the same gender.

  • Gender doesn't play a role in my ideal vacation fantasies.

  • I prefer to imagine my ideal vacation solo, regardless of gender.

how to know if you are straight quiz When exploring different forms of art, such as music or painting, which gender's expressions evoke the deepest emotions in you?
  • I find that expressions from both genders evoke deep emotions in me.

  • Artworks from the opposite gender really hit me in the feels.

  • I resonate more with the expressions of the same gender in art.

  • Gender doesn't really affect how art makes me feel.

the straight test How do you feel about the idea of participating in LGBTQ+ events or pride celebrations?
  • Sounds like a blast! I'm all in for LGBTQ+ events and pride celebrations.

  • I'm open to checking them out and seeing what it's all about.

  • Not really my thing, but I support the cause from a distance.

  • I'd rather pass on LGBTQ+ events and do something else instead.

are you straight quiz When it comes to your own self-acceptance and authenticity, how important is it for you to fully explore and understand your own sexual orientation and identity?
  • It's crucial! I want to know and embrace who I am.

  • It's important, but I'm still figuring things out at my own pace.

  • Not a top priority for me, as long as I'm happy and true to myself.

  • Honestly, I don't think about it much—I just go with the flow.

am i straight quiz Which historical figure of the opposite gender do you find most fascinating and why? (Male / Female)
  • Genghis Khan / Frida Kahlo

  • Leonardo da Vinci / Joan of Arc

  • Winston Churchill / Amelia Earhart

  • Honestly, I haven't thought about it much, history isn't really my thing.

am i straight How open are you to exploring non-traditional relationship structures, such as polyamory or open relationships, regardless of the gender of those involved?
  • I'm open-minded and willing to explore different relationship structures if they work for everyone involved.

  • I'm curious about non-traditional relationships and would consider giving them a try.

  • I prefer sticking to traditional relationship structures, they work best for me.

  • Non-traditional relationships aren't my thing, I prefer a more traditional approach to love and commitment.

straight test How do you feel about the idea of experimenting with gender presentation, such as wearing clothing typically associated with the opposite gender?
  • Totally down for it! Gender doesn't limit my fashion choices.

  • Open to trying it out and seeing how it feels.

  • Prefer to stick with clothing that aligns with my own gender.

  • Not really interested in experimenting with gender presentation, I'm comfortable with how I express myself.

am i straight test If you could switch bodies with someone for a day, would you choose to be someone of the same gender or opposite gender?
  • I'm not really interested in switching bodies, I'm happy being me.

  • Same gender for me, I'm comfortable with who I am.

  • I'd switch it up and go for the opposite gender, just to experience something different.

  • Opposite gender sounds intriguing, I'd love to see things from a different perspective.

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