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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
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Usually, people have to ask themselves the other way around. However, these days, many things are changing. Today, any self-discovery question is valid, and that is beautiful! No matter your previous experiences, you can question sexuality to determine what truly makes you happy. And though not all people are quite as welcoming and accepting, you should care for yourself first and foremost. And so what if you are no longer in your sexuality? This is why we are here, welcoming you to discover your desires and support you along the way. I am not a professional therapist, though. So, I cannot give you a scientific or medicinal result. In the same way, I cannot consult you. Instead, I can provide you with a set of behaviors that may or may not indicate whether you are straight. And we’ll be analyzing together whether the common signs are there and how strong they are. This test is meant to push you in the right direction. 

Straight Quiz Rules 

To get the most accurate result possible, you should follow a couple of rules. 
  1. Answer only the truth. Try to imagine your answer in your head as you read the question. Just a quick association, whatever comes to mind first. Then, compare the offered options and choose the one closest to your answer. 
  2. Do not try to calculate your chances or try to solve this quiz’s algorithm. You should focus on the questions, answers, and your feelings about them. Just go with the flow. Clear your head and answer whatever comes to mind. 
  3. Do not retake the quiz if you do suspect an answer that you won’t luck. The test remains the most accurate when you answer it the first time with whatever you feel. Do not try to get the desired result by tricks. 
am i straight

Am I Straight?

To answer the question, you’ll have to dig deeper into your feelings and emotions. ] One of the first steps in identifying your sexuality is asking yourself - am I happy living now as is? If the answer is “well, actually, yes,” then you have nothing to worry about. If it’s the wat way around, “actually, no,” then it’s time to start asking questions. Here, we’ll be asking all those questions, and you just need to relax and answer truthfully. Can you do that? If so, then I suggest right after you answer this first question: What makes me think I’m not straight? Is it an episode from life, a feeling, or a sleeting comment from a stranger? As soon as you answer this question in your head, you’ll have a starting point of what has brought this question. If you procrastinate and simply stumble upon the quiz, go on and enjoy it immediately! If you get a negative result, you can also try a comprehensive Sexuality Quiz to learn your orientation! Or you can go straight to the Am I Gay Quiz.   

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