Body Type Quiz: What’s Your Somatotype?

Body type

Do you know your body type? This information is essential for choosing your diet, training regime, and a healthy lifestyle overall. If you have not thought about what shape your body is or are unsure of it, this quick Body Type quiz will highlight the key signs of one of three distinguished types.

If you are thinking about famous body shapes like a pear or an hourglass, this is going in the wrong direction. These all are body shapes that are determined by the proportions of your body parts.

Thus, an hourglass is formed when a person has proportionate shoulders and hips while the waist is slim. A pear is a form with a heavier bottom half, mainly hips and thighs. An inverted triangle spots wider shoulders and narrow hips. These are the shapes people use to describe bodies.

A body type is completely different. You can be of any shape but a specific type. There are three body types determined by Dr. Sheldon back in the 1940s. There are also known as somatotypes that are determined genetically and, according to Sheldon, cannot be changed.

He determined three main somatotypes:

  • endomorph
  • mesomorph
  • ectomorph


This somatotype is characterized by soft curves and a predisposition to high body fat percentages. Such people easily gain weight rather than lose it. Their shape is characterized by softness and roundness. They are also believed to be of smaller height. They have a broader build overall.
Dr. Sheldon also characterized endomorphs as easy-going and extraverted types.


This type is characterized by athletic prowess. Such people quickly gain muscles and have more rectangular shapes all over (also including the overall body shape). They have a narrow waist but often spot wider shoulders.

Character-wise, the doctor described these people as energetic, dynamic, and somewhat aggressive.


The last type is the thinnest of all. These people find it hard to gain weight and are not prone to building big muscles. They are taller and have longer limbs overall. Their chest is usually narrow, as well as wrists and ankles.

This is the most introverted type of the three. It was described as sensitive and thoughtful.
While it is customary to determine only these three types and stick to them, the reality shows us that there are lots of people in-between the groups. In fact, I’d say that the majority of people show somewhat mixed signs, and pure types are rare. Thus, if you find it hard to determine your body type on your own, it’s perfectly natural. You may have thinner joints but gain weight easily. You may be lanky but find it easy and enjoyable to build impressive muscles.

This body type test aims not to fit you into the strict type and say "that is all". Here, we’ll under the dominant type of your physique as one always shows more. Later, you can use this information to choose the best training and dieting regimes for your personal needs!

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