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Childhood trauma is unfortunately a widespread issue, and many individuals have experienced traumatic events during their childhood. According to various research and statistics anywhere from 36% to 70% of Americans experience childhood trauma. The number in other Western countries often lie somewhere in this range as well. 

The most surprising aspect of childhood trauma is its elusiveness. While many cases leave a notable trace in a child’s brain and carry the shocking details throughout their life, many adults don’t even consider their traumatic experiences in childhood, well, TRAUMATIC. 
Unfortunately, many detrimental and abusive moments are considered somewhat a norm. Thus, people do suffer the consequences in their adult lives but without a reason obvious to them. 

This is why this childhood trauma test is an important asset in discovering the psychological roots of your anxiety, stress, detrimental habits, and so on. 

What Are the Types of Childhood Trauma? 

childhood trauma
Physical abuse: This involves physical harm or injury inflicted upon a child by a caregiver or another person, such as hitting, kicking, or shaking.
Emotional abuse: Emotional abuse includes behaviors that undermine a child's self-worth, such as constant criticism, humiliation, or rejection. It can also involve emotional neglect, where caregivers fail to provide emotional support and nurturing.

Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse involves any form of sexual activity imposed on a child by an adult or an older child. It can include inappropriate touching, penetration, exposure to pornography, or forcing a child to engage in sexual acts.

Neglect: Neglect occurs when a child's basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and supervision, are consistently unmet by caregivers. It can be physical neglect (failure to provide basic necessities) or emotional neglect (failure to meet the child's emotional needs).

Domestic violence: Witnessing domestic violence between caregivers or being directly involved in it can have a profound impact on a child. It can lead to emotional trauma, fear, and a sense of insecurity.

Parental substance abuse: Growing up with a parent or caregiver who abuses drugs or alcohol can expose a child to neglect, physical abuse, emotional instability, and an unpredictable home environment.

Parental mental illness: Children with parents who struggle with mental health issues may experience neglect, emotional abuse, inconsistency, or exposure to parental distress, which can be traumatic.

Separation or loss: Experiencing the loss of a parent through death, divorce, or abandonment can be traumatic for a child. Separation from caregivers, such as being placed in foster care or experiencing prolonged hospitalization, can also be traumatic.

Bullying: Frequent and severe bullying at school or other environments can have long-lasting effects on a child's mental and emotional well-being.
Natural disasters or accidents: Traumatic events like earthquakes, floods, fires, or serious accidents can cause emotional distress and trauma in children, especially if they result in injury or loss of loved ones.

Traumatic Childhood Quiz

If you are ready to dive deep into your childhood and find the connections to your modern behavior, please, proceed to the quiz. As it may stir some unpleasant memories, we do encourage people to finish the quiz only if they are comfortable talking about these topics. 

Childhood Trauma Test: Mental Health Quiz Questions

childhood trauma test Have you witnessed domestic violence between your caregivers or family members?
  • yes, on numerous occasions

  • very rarely

  • I'm not sure it qualifies as domestic violence...

  • no

childhood trauma test Did you grow up in an environment whith substance abuse (alcohol or drugs)?
  • yes, the abuse was heavy and really detrimental

  • yes, but I was somewhat kept away from the gruesome parts

  • no

  • prefer not to say

childhood trauma test Were you bullied at school?
  • yes, children are really cruel

  • for a bit at some point, just kids' jokes

  • no, thanks for that!

  • I was the bully

childhood trauma test Were you separated from your parents or caregivers as a child?
  • yes

  • no

childhood trauma test Describe your childhood in two words:
  • happy and carefree

  • exciting and playful

  • boring and tedious

  • sad and stressful

  • kinda okay

childhood trauma test How is your relationship with your parents right now?
  • it's good!

  • a bit stressful

  • we are very distant

  • they are not in my life anymore

childhood trauma test Do you difficulty expressing your emotions? Or are emotionally detached?
  • yes, I'm generally detached and try not to express emotions

  • I have some difficulties with emotions but I'm not detached

  • I think I'm doing a fair job with my emotions

  • I find it challenging to experience normal emotions in general

childhood trauma test How easy is it for you to trust others?
  • not easy at all, I do have major trust issues

  • it's a bit difficult, I need more time than most people

  • well, I don't trust people immediately but otherwise have no issues

  • I'm probably too naïve and trust too easily

childhood trauma test Can you openly discuss your childhood without avoiding any topic?
  • no, I'll avoid some topics

  • only with a couple of the closest people

  • for the most part if I trust a person

  • yes, I'm an open book

childhood trauma test Are you a perfectionist?
  • through and through

  • a bit, depends on circumstances

  • not really

  • oh, I'm the opposite of that!

childhood trauma test Would you say that you are super vigilant or rather a bit carefree?
  • definitely vigilant!

  • rather carefree

  • somewhere in-between?

childhood trauma test When starting a relationship with a new people, do you immediately think of getting betrayed? like a "What if" scenario
  • yes, I'm really afraid of that

  • only initially while I don't know a person well

  • that's not the top fear in new relationships for me

  • no, what's the point of pondering about it beforehand?

childhood trauma test What would be your reaction if your partner cheated?
  • I knew it!

  • f*ing liar!

  • my life is ruined

  • I can't believe it!

childhood trauma test Do you engage in risky sexual behavior?
  • define risky

  • yes, I admit I do

  • I had such a period in my life, not anymore

  • nope

  • not applicable

childhood trauma test Do you have issues with substance abuse?
  • it's not abuse, just habitual consumption

  • I clearly do

  • definitely not

  • I'm not really sure

childhood trauma test Would you say that you are fully healthy?
  • probably not 100% nut yeah

  • mentally yeas, not physically though

  • physically yeah, not mentally

  • definitely no

childhood trauma test Do you still have friends from your childhood/teen years?
  • no, because I relocated

  • no, but I wouldn't mind catching up with some of them

  • no, just nope

  • yes, I do

childhood trauma test What do you think self-love?
  • it's crucial

  • yes, it's important but I wish I was better at it

  • a bit overrated

  • not sure

childhood trauma test Would you say that you have issues with intimacy?
  • yes, big issues

  • it's all complicated with me

  • at first, yes, but it goes away the longer I'm with a person

  • not really

childhood trauma test Are you a people-pleaser?
  • yes

  • no

  • not sure

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