Perfect for You: Dear Peachy Makeup Quiz

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 5 months ago
Lately, we are seeing the increased number of tips and tricks online meant to make our lives better. One of the trending categories is, undoubtedly, makeup and personal styling. People do want to learn how to express themselves better and what styles would look good on them. 
If you are using Instagram or TikTok, you've already seen numerous of those videos. Have your already found your undertone? What's your body type? And how about you learn what style of makeup looks best on your features in this Dear Peachie-inspired quiz?

Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz

Dear Peachie quiz is an online "test yourself" video released by the east Asian beauty platform on YouTube, Dear Peachie. They've shared a guide of finding your perfect makeup archetypes based on your facial featured. The original test includes 8 archetypes.
In this makeup quiz, we've gathered several similar features to create one personalized quiz for each of you! It takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and get your results! The test simple, just choose which of the two offered features and pictures suits you more. Gather your set of features to uncover what makeup would look the best on you. 

Type of Makeup Tests

The approach created by the Peachie Makeup strongly correclated with Kibbe's theory that differenciates people into several categories based on their features. 
Kibbe's system incorporates the concepts of yin and yang, borrowed from Chinese philosophy. Yin represents softness, curves, and roundness, while yang represents angularity, sharpness, and straight lines.
The body types are categorized on a spectrum of yin to yang, helping individuals understand whether their natural features are more soft and rounded or sharp and angular.
Japanese makeup artists incorporate a similar strategy, known as Kaotype. This system considers your face shape, as well as the positions and size of your eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouths, and the general dimention of your face. 

In addition to the shape of the features, you should consider your skin undertone as well. Matching your foundation and makeup colors to your undertone would enhance your features instead of washing you out. 
The undertone refers to the subtle, underlying tones in your skin that affect how colors look on you. It's a crucial concept in makeup and styling because understanding your undertone helps you choose colors that complement your natural coloring, making you look more vibrant and enhancing your overall appearance.

Warm Undertones

People with warm undertones typically have skin that has hints of yellow, peach, or gold.
Warm undertones often pair well with earthy tones like warm browns, oranges, yellows, and reds.

Cool Undertones

Cool undertones involve hints of pink, blue, or purple in the skin.
Colors that work well for cool undertones include jewel tones, blues, purples, and cool greens.

Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones have a balanced mix of warm and cool tones or lack a distinct undertone.
Neutral undertones can generally wear a wide range of colors, both warm and cool.

Thus, combining an understanding of your undertone with an awareness of your facial features allows you to make more informed choices in terms of clothing, makeup, and hairstyles, ensuring that your personal style complements your natural attributes.

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