Disney Characters: Your Perfect Prince

Disney Prince

Do you believe in love? What about love from the first sight? While it may be uncommon in real life, Disney seemed to believe in its power for most of its production. Disney showed us all kinds of love throughout the years, but the most potent tool lies in romantic ties. So, we are here to determine which Disney prince would provide you with the true love's kiss.

Isn't it a dream of every little girl to meet her "Prince Charming"? And while there is a specific character by that name Disney characters, this is a whole category of Disney princes. They are always chivalrous (maybe not Flynn), kind-hearted (at least somewhere deep inside if you know who I'm talking about), brave (that is actually true for all), and generous (bad greedy Flynn, but what about Hans?) Speaking of Flynn Eugene Rider, who is the start of the abovementioned description, he is quite different from the rest of the lot. Still, he is the perfect representation of a truly human character, especially when considering the passive useless Charming from Cinderella, whose only purpose is to kiss in the end. Well, maybe not so useless after all.

One of the most disappointing princes of the Disney multiverse is Hans. He is treacherous, evil, and manipulative. And while he is a prince in the title, he is not a prince of this quiz.

Some of the princes I've chosen are not in the title, though. But who looks at the title in our times? We look at the person behind it. All of these are the main love interests of our Disney princesses! I guess you'll have to find out who has hidden in the results of this Disney characters quiz yourself.

Prince Trivia

The Disney Prince line is more diverse than one would believe. How many of these men can you name right now? I'm sure you'll forget one or two! And there is a whole unofficial range of Disney guys.

Interestingly, there are only ten official Disney princes and 12 Princesses. This is yet another proof that the local princesses can be strong and wholesome without the male lead. But it would be nice.

As much as I would like to add the male characters who are the beloved unofficial princes, this requires a whole other quiz. Leave your comments if you'd like to take one more Disney prince test to find your alternative choice. Ther all, two princes are better than one.

Another interesting fact: the first Disney Prince is named Florian. Not all fans know the name of that distant prince from Snow White. We only know that he kisses her - the important things obviously - but his name evades us. Personally, I've learned the name years after watching a movie for the first time, already grown up. And that is the misstep of screenwriters who refer to him only as "Prince" in the animation. His name was revealed later.

Now, some cute princes from Florian to Eugene are waiting for you to pick them up.

And when you have the perfect Disney prince, find out what Disney Princess you are!