Empathy Test: Are You Sensitive?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
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Are you an empath? Can you honestly tell that you feel or predict the emotions of others? Some people believe they can influence those feelings, but this is more of a supernatural thing. So in this quiz, let’s focus on the natural meanings of empathy! Usually, it’s hard to take an objective look at yourself. It can be done, but it’s incredibly hard. Thus, such profound aspects of our personality require a third-party opinion. And this test was created to provide it. We are not psychology professionals and can’t tell you for sure. Besides, even professionals require one-on-one sessions to dig deep into a person. So instead, we study the common signs that point towards deeper empathy and determine whether you show some or not. Thus, you get an answer based on your truthful; opinions. So, please, be candid and choose what really feels suitable for you, not for society. If you feel that you have sensitivity towards people’s feelings and emotions, you may be an empath. Check your skills here! 
am i an empath or just sensitive quiz
am i an empath or just sensitive quiz

Empathy Test

 This empathy quiz considers various signs of enhanced empathy and checks your responses. They often fall under a range and can be either more or less representative of empathy. It consists of 20+ questions with no correct answer. Only you choose what is suitable for you and what is not. So please, be frank and answer what you honestly think or feel. In the end, you’ll get a result - either you are an empath or not. Remember that this quiz is made for fun and doesn’t try to diagnose you or put a label! So, take the results lightly. There are also some known empaths that you can take as an example. The blog Subconscious Servant highlights the following people: 

Ed Sheeran

 Well, you can tell even from his music that he is a sensitive person. ANd he can touch our hearts and souls with it. Though her is a humble person and doesn’t brag about such aspects of his identity, we can gather many signs of empathy from his lyrics and personality that shine through the interviews. 

Cate Blanchett

 This actress is an outstanding philanthropist and UN ambassador. Outside of filming, she can always be seen helping people. Plus, the one-on-one encounters reported by people highlight the mild and positive nature of the woman. 

Eleanor Roosevelt

 The first lady was undoubtedly a great empath. According to expert Meyers-Briggs personality type, she was an Advocate - this type is often associated with empaths. The lady was known for her caring nature, even for those of different beliefs. In modern history, she is the epitome of a caring wife, and a lady loved by everyone. No matter your status or political views, she could find an approach to you and understand your feelings. I’ve chosen these three personalities because of their reputation and numerous accounts of empathetic behavior. Although some of them are better known for empathy than others, I believe they are all gifted in this regard! 

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