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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
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 I will not even ask whether you've seen Friends or not. This is a cult series that everybody has seen at least once in their lives! Even if people do not binge-watch it (as many of us do), they still know the main characters! How could you not fall in love with them and want the same level of friendship? And this Friends quiz will tell you from of the gang you are. I'll tell a few things that I like the most about each of them for those who want to brush up on their Friends knowledge. And you can share yours in the comments section. It's always interesting to discuss what we like the most in characters. 


Friends quiz Monica

She is the glue of the gang. Sometimes, we see others interact strangely and not entirely comfortable when left alone. However, with Monica, every interaction is seamless. She is a person's person and I like her for that. Also, her strength to be bullied by the parents and still love them and the "ideal" brother is incredible. 


Friends quiz Ross
Personally, I love Ross for his nerdiness. Every time the characters laugh at him for that, I think about how much I'd like to hear about those dinosaur stories. And there is nothing wrong with speaking correctly! 


Friends quiz Rachel

Her sense of style is a win! How much I'd love to go shopping with her. And her dedication to work is admirable. I think she's a kind person who's gone through a long way of character development. However, there is one thing that never stops to impress me in her past - despite being the most popular girl in school (and we know how that goes), she is good friends with Monica, who is not at the top of the popularity chart. 


Friends quiz Chandler
Do I even need to mention something besides his sense of humor and ironic sass? Of course, I do. Those are my favorite too, but I also like how much Chandler has grown during the seasons. He has it all: a job he loves, a beautiful wife, two cute kids, a cozy home, and finally, no Janice in his life! (But I adore her) 


Friends quiz Joey
 It's harder to think of the things I don't like about him, actually. He is a sweet guy and a considerate friend - he would surely win a Friends test for me. Though he is not a good actor, he is still a star of a soap opera, but (after a bit of star fame, just tiny it), he doesn't change and gets snobby. In the end, he is still that cute and kind guy. Plus, he has a unique way with women as we see no angry one night stands whatsoever. 
Friends quiz Phoebe
Phoebe is so complicated yet so badass that anyone would be honored to be her friend. I like her eccentricity and rougher edge that we see once in a while. I adore her openness and would like to know what is on that police record finally! After you go for this Friends trivia quiz, try this Harry Potter Character Quiz

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