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By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 8 months ago
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Video games are for kids, right? Wrong! 
If you are still thinking that, you are missing a huge world of entertainment. Long gone are the days when video games were silly and created for kids alone. Nowadays, a serious successful adult can play games and be amazed by their quality. Besides, many games are tailored for the older audience now. Many titles get 16+ and even 18+ ratings. 
In the recent decade, the popularity of video games has risen among the adult population. Be it the result of the lockdown or it happened a bit earlier, many people are playing now! There are dozens if not hundreds of games tailed to particular niche audiences as well as the AAA titles for the wide audience. Each can find a game that would tick all the boxes for them! 
If you've been in the community long, I’m sure you are ready to show off your knowledge of video games. How many have you played? Do you think it’s enough to be considered a seasoned gamer? Let’s find out! 

Gaming IQ 

Now, when it comes to mechanics, all games are both similar and very different at the same time. As a gamer, you do have a certain skill that automates the basics of gameplay. Like you don’t need to be taught how to walk or jump, or what direction seems like a logical continuation of the map. At the same time, each game introduces its own mechanics for fighting, going through obstacles, skill development and so on. 
Thus, we have decided to test your knowledge on game trivia instead. It’s much more clear than the gameplay nuances of each game! 
So, this is a video gaming trivia after all! If you’d like to show more in-depth knowledge of your favorite titles, we’ll gladly create a new “Ultra-Nightmare” mode quiz. Just let us know! 

What Is My Gaming IQ? 

To find out your gaming iq, you just have to answer 20 easy questions on some of the most popular games of the century. These are the titles that you’ve definitely heard about. Millions of people have played each one of them. Are you one of the players as well? I guess we’ll see based on your answers. 
The questions are quite basic for those who’ve spent at least several hours playing that title. If you have issues remembering the basics, maybe you need to revisit the game? All of them are capturing and would be great fun even for a re-run. 
If you are new to games, here’s a great opportunity to learn those popular titles that all gamers should know of. You can catch up with those you’ve missed. Some of them are a bit niche but are played by millions around the world. Give them a try. 

Now, a very important question for you: 
What was the first video game you fell in love with? 
And what is the game you are playing currently? 

Are You a Pro Gamer? Your Video Game IQ Questions

gaming iq What is the primary in-game currency used in "Animal Crossing"?
  • Bells

  • Nooks

  • Miles

  • Sharps

gaming iq What is not a name of the default skin in Minecraft that players use?
  • Steve

  • Rex

  • Noor

  • Kai

gaming iq In The Witcher 3, which Sign creates an area that slows and immobilizes an enemy?
  • Aard

  • Quen

  • Axii

  • Yrden

gaming iq Which of the following is not a weapon Kratos uses?
  • Blades of Chaos

  • Spear of Destiny

  • Leviathan Axe

  • Talon Bow

gaming iq Who's this?
  • Yoshi

  • Bowser

  • King Boo

  • Princess Peach

gaming iq Which of the three playable protagonists is a retired bank robber in GTA 5?
  • Michael

  • Trevor

  • Franklin

gaming iq What is the name of the floating city and main hub for Horde in "World of Warcraft"?
  • Orgrimmar

  • Darnassus

  • Stormwind

  • Exodar

gaming iq And this?
  • Ganondorf

  • Sheik

  • Tingle

  • King of Hyrule

gaming iq What does "Dota" stand for?
  • Dominance over the Arena

  • Devotion to the Allies

  • Destruction of the Astrid

  • Defense of the Ancients

gaming iq How is Banana Peel used in Mario Kart?
  • throw a racer off the track

  • take a shortcut

  • plow through obstacles

  • all of the above

gaming iq "The Last of Us Part II" introduces a new playable character. What is her name?
  • Tommy

  • Jesse

  • Abby

  • Yara

gaming iq Which type of Pokémon is strong against Psychic types and weak against Fire types?
  • Ghost

  • Grass

  • Bug

  • Fairy

gaming iq Which Disney character serves as the royal magician and sorcerer in the "Kingdom Hearts" series?
  • Mickey Mouse

  • Elsa

  • Donald Duck

  • Jiminy Cricket

gaming iq Who are the two main playable options in Resident Evil 2?
  • Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong

  • Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield

  • Leon Kennedy and Gill Valentine

  • Leon Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers

gaming iq In "The Sims," what is the green diamond-shaped icon called?
  • Mood Crystal

  • Simsign

  • Nooboo

  • Plumbob

gaming iq What game is the phrase "Would you kindly?" from?
  • Bloodborne

  • BioShock

  • The Witcher

  • Half-Life

gaming iq The "Thieves Guild" in Skyrim is located in which major city?
  • Windhelm

  • Whiterun

  • Solitude

  • Riften

gaming iq Name the only non-hostile Monster in League of Legends.
  • Baron Nashor

  • Rift Scuttler

  • Ocean Drake

  • Krug

gaming iq (Metal Gear Solid) Name the character of the following description: "soldier, spy, interrogator, tactical instructor"
  • Raiden

  • Kyle Schneider

  • Naomi Hunter

  • Revolver Ocelot

gaming iq Which powerful fighter is known for his electrifying attacks and ability to generate electric currents?
  • Blanka

  • Juri

  • Balrog

  • Ken

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