A Haikyuu Quiz That Only 10% of Fans Can Pass

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 11 months ago
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Are you a devoted fan of Haikyuu? If so, I have an interesting trivia quiz for you that covers some of the most exciting details in the fandom. It’s a bit like a school test but more interesting than geography. It covers: 
  • manga 
  • anime 
  • OVA
  • compilation films 
The majority of questions will cover anime series as they are the most significant chunk of media consumed. As it’s built on the manga, you’ll be able to answer the questions if you’ve read it as well. OVAs and films take only a few questions as this is an additional type of media not all people watch. Again, though, if you are a true fan, you follow it as well. 

How Many Seasons Does Haikyuu Test Cover? 

haikyuu quiz
It’s been four seasons of the anime, and you have to know them all to complete the quiz successfully. As for the manga, you also have to read all 45 volumes of it! I’m not saying there will be questions about the events of the last chapter, but you never know; there might be some! All in all, Haikyuu is a great and exciting series. Read and watch it all for your own enjoyment. After all, you don’t stop midway when it comes to the series you like! 

How Long Is This Haikyuu Quiz? 

This quiz takes up to 25 questions. To my mind, this is the optimal length to check somebody’s knowledge of a fandom. Too short, and you don’t get the full picture. Too long, and you’ll get bored even if it’s a subject you adore. Thus, I’ve chosen this number. While working with trivia questions for years, I’ve tried various lengths for my quizzes. My practice says that this is the optimal length for trivia quizzes. If you would like to provide further feedback, feel free to contact me in the comments or on social media. 

What Haikyuu Trivia Questions to Expect? 

quizz haikyuu
These are the test questions that you are familiar with from various spheres of life. You get a few options and have to choose just once the correct answer. There are no cases where you need to write your own answer. So, you are covered! Note that you have to read the questions carefully as there are certain trick questions that highly depend on the phrasing used. Do not rush; there is no time limit as it is on some websites. Instead, take your time when thinking about the correct answer. Take as much time as you need to find the correct answer in your head. 

 Are you a true Haikyuu Characters Fan? 

There are certain questions that are based on the knowledge about a particular character instead of the plot overall. That is because, as a true fan, you should know your characters to check the character development arcs and fully enjoy the decisions made. By keeping your attention on the characters, main and not, you dive deeper into the story. Besides, characters keep you interested in the fandom. After you complete this Haikyuu quiz (I suspect you’ll be successful), you can also check the variety of other anime quizzes on our website! E.g. an Attack on Titan character quiz.

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