Harry Potter House Quiz

Hogwarts Sorting

Have you already received your Hogwarts owl inviting you to study at the best school of all times? Unfortunately, due to some mix with the Ministry of Magic, many letters were lost. As a result, we have tons of secret wizards and witches not being sorted into Hogwarts. And without being appointed a House, how can we learn magic and everything in the Wizarding World? We can’t! That’s why this Hogwarts sorting quiz will become your first of uncovering your true magical potential. 


All the Potterheads should know their House, don’t you agree? And such quizzes are meant to reveal our true destination, even when we don’t see the reasoning behind it. The Hat bases its decision based on our personality, values, and potential. Often, we don’t notice certain things about ourselves, and a third-party opinion is required. The Hat reveals a House that would uncover our abilities the best. I believe it has a bit of a Seer skills to know just how well a student will fare in one or another House. What magic do you think allows the Sorting Hat to know the future and sort right (aside from the Legilimens that it uses to reach into a kid’s head)? After all, this is Godric’s Hat, and it certainly comes with powerful magic. 

As an eager fan, you probably want to know how your story in this magic school would unveil. And knowing your House makes all the difference. As each of them favors certain traits and skills, your environment will drastically differ depending on the sorting. Each House Head encourages and promotes the traditional characteristics of their House; school unity be damned. And the surrounding kids would bring out the same values in you. 

To my mind, that is a rather challenging task for an 11-year-old. Do you remember yourself at this age? I bet you are a changed person now! How can we let a kid’s brain dictate their life as a teenager in a few years? They have entirely different values. That’s why I believe some Seer abilities come to play to find the most suitable House for the 7! crucial years of our life. 

Let’s Change the Law

I vote for increasing the sorting age to at least the third year! Who’s with me on that? We only have to change the thousand-year-old tradition among the wizards to embrace progress oh so well. How challenging can this be? First comes the Headmaster, then the board, and the final titan to conquer is the Ministry. Do you think we need another thousand years to set things in motion? 

In the meantime, the best option to check the ground behind this theory is to take a Harry Potter House annually and compare the results. I’m sure you’ll chance the House along the way! 

Now, let’s begin with Hogwarts Sorting Year 1, shall we?