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Rick and Morty Trivia Quiz! Rick and Morty is one of the best adult cartoons on TV! It was created as a parody on Back to the Future but is now just as influential as the original. The common topics between the two franchises come from the iconic pair of a slightly crazy senior scientist and its naive young companion and the awesome time/space travels. However, Rick and Morty seem to take matters to another level! The first is bananas, and the second’s great naivety turns into resentment. The travels go up a scale as well. Instead of traveling to the future and the past, these two characters fight intergalactic wars, befriend (and not so much) aliens, create alternate universes, and simply do whatever the heck they want. Plus, the humor aspect in the cartoon comes first place. Overall, Rick and Morty has a completely unique impression despite being highly influenced by Back to the Future. 

How Many Seasons Are Covered in This Rick and Morty Quiz? 

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Considering that we all are progressive people and have multiple ways to watch Rick and Morty online, I suppose all the hardcore fans who’ve been keeping with the series have already watched the fifth season. Thus, my quiz covers all the seasons of the show! So, if you haven’t seen the fifth season, what are you still doing here? You’ve got a hilarious couple of hours ahead of you! This is mainly a test that checks your general knowledge of the lore, but there will be a few specific details about the events. Some of them are bigger; others are minor. However, I’m sure you can pass the quiz as all the details are memorable and mark humorous moments. The results will generally show how many correct answers you’ve got. And which ones you’ve got wrong as well.

Rick and Morty Trivia 

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Here’s one interesting fact about Rick and Morty that only a few fans know. I believe it would be an exciting piece of information before you start the quiz! Together, Rick and Morty symbolize a mental illness. Can you guess which one? This is a “duality” disorder that often seems like Rick and often as Morty in behavior. Bipolar disorder is characterized by two phases - manic and depressive. And from here, I suppose you can guess which character represents which side. The manic phase includes
  • elevated or irritable mood (often switches between the two)
  • euphoria/delirium 
  • increased psychomotor activity 
  • grandiosity 
  • racing thoughts
  • disinhibited social behavior and so on
The depressive phase includes: 
  • persistent feeling of sadness, guilt, hopelessness
  • irritability 
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue 
  • problems with concentration 
  • self-loathing 
As you see, combined, the two characters present the typical image of bipolar disorder, which adds a deeper meaning to the whole story and character development. This fact is an interesting one, wouldn’t you say? If you want to check your knowledge on even more TV shows, you better start with   

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