Should I Get My Nipples Pierced? Answer Here!

By: Denis Priesnov
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 Getting a nipple piercing is a daunting decision. Are you ready for it? Can you be the dashing daredevil, or are you a more mellow angel? This quiz will tell you the answer to the ultimate question - should I get my nipple pierced? This type of piercing is suited for only the bravest of all. Besides, you have to carry a certain vibe around you that will support the coolness of pierced nipples. Today, we’ll determine whether you should subject both of your nipples to the pain or maybe start with one? I say go all in or don’t go at all. What do you say? 

What Is a Nipple Piercing Quiz?

should i get my nipples pierced quiz
This piercing quiz is meant to test your character and mental preparedness for such a drastic decision. We’ll also try to predict how calculated your decision is. Will you regret getting it done in the future? Or is it the best decision in your life? All these questions will be answered shortly after you complete this quiz. There is one question we won’t be able to answer, though - jewelry choices. This is a personal choice that significantly depends on your tastes. The only thing we can recommend - use only the highest quality professional materials safe for an open wound. If you find a reputable piercing place, it will recommend to you where to buy and what criteria to use when choosing. Or many piercing parlors sell high-quality jewelry as well. 

Should I Pierce Nipples? Things to Consider

should i get nipple piercings quiz
This is a tough decision in general. So, there are many things to consider when pondering the question. 

Pain Tolerance

 Overall, this is arguably an essential thing that can sway your decision. Getting nipples pierced is a painful task. This is probably the most painful type of piercing outside of the genitals area. If you can’t tolerate pain, you risk fainting, pain shock, and overall mental damage. Then, it’s not the best decision you can make. However, pain tolerance can be overcome if you strive for this piercing and are ready to deal with the shock. 


 Granted, nipple piercing does heal nicely provided proper care. However, there are many chances of getting an infection if you neglect proper. Also, an infection is possible during the piercing itself. So, be sure to find a clean parlor and check for them to use only new sterile materials. Plus, the constant skin abrasions will irritate your healing nipples, adding to the unpleasant sensations you will still feel after the piercing. 


 Generally, a nipple piercing doesn’t prevent you from breastfeeding n the future. However, you’ll have to remove the piercing for the duration. Also, milk might be leaking a bit, so be ready for that! Overall, there are many tiny aspects to consider, including finding the right parlor, the price, social aspects, and so on. Take your time, and don’t rush the decision! The result of this quiz is just a nudge in the right direction, not the final decision. 

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