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By: Denis Priesnov
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What is a spirit animal? Is this a spiritual guide for your life on Earth? Is this the animal that represents your inner desires and struggles? Every religion puts a different meaning for the term, but the modern understanding correlates more with a totem animal representing your inner self. Thus, let’s find out your spirit animal right here and now! Many animals are serving as our spirits. Guides will offer you extensive lists of the possible spirits. Some are very similar, and it’s hard to find the difference between them. Here are some of the most widely-used and interesting animal spirits as standard choices. 


A bat is not an evil spirit, as many people would think. Yes, this animal is connected to mysteries and serves as an omen. However, this is the omen of changes. Bats are highly sociable, lead a community life with many other bats. They symbolize communication and strong family bonds. They also have sensitive intuition and dreams, as well as a journey through the inner self. 


A hawk is a strong spirit animal that suits wise people. A hawk has a powerful vision and intuition. It gives the power to see a situation from a different angle, evaluate the whole event. Though the hawk is closely connected to the spirit world, it also gives clear focus under challenging times and leadership abilities. 


A dolphin is one of the cutest spirit animals out there. No person would not love this cutie. A dolphin symbolizes peace, harmony, and balance. The animal is both highly spiritual and intelligent. People whose spirit animal is a dolphin are usually gentle, altruistic, and possess immense inner strength. 


This is the animal that everybody would like to get at the end of this quiz! But are they cut for the task? A dragon is not a simple animal. It is sewed with mysteries and has powerful magic ties. It is a mighty totem animal that represents courage, fierceness, strength, and fortitude. They bring primordial power on their wings. Are you just as strong and wise as this magic animal?


The king of the animal kingdom is also the king of the spirit animals. This is a fierce fighter and a vigorous soul that can overcome difficulties in various life situations. A person with a lion spirit animal is assertive, strong, and a natural leader. They find it easy to “rule” over people but can have difficulties maintaining their emotions in check. 


This small creature is actually an excellent spirit animal to have. They bring us the most important force of all - good luck! A ladybug is believed to be blessed and bring blessing to those around it. If you are under the guidance of a ladybug, you are meant to be happy and bring joy to others. It symbolizes innocence, true love, and good nature. I hope this Spirit animal test will help you determine your strength and take a better look at your character. After that, you are welcome to discover what Disney princess you are! 

Spirit Animal Quiz to Uncover Your True Character Questions

spirit animal quiz Do you believe in the "survival of the fittest"?
  • yes

  • no, modern age is no about that

spirit animal quiz How many good friends do you have?
  • none

  • one or two

  • around 5

  • many, I'm a friendly person

spirit animal quiz Are you a believer?
  • a true one!

  • in what?

  • no

spirit animal quiz Are you a social animal or a loner?
  • social

  • loner

spirit animal quiz Do you have strong intuition?
  • yes, I usually feel things

  • maybe? I think I'm just lucky

  • I don't think so

spirit animal quiz Do you need everything to go according to plan?
  • yes, it should all be in order

  • no big deal if something monor changes

  • no, I'm not strict about my plans

spirit animal quiz Are you comfortable with one partner for life?
  • yes, this is the only way for me

  • mostly, yes. but life is unpredictable

  • no, I need more variety

spirit animal quiz Fight or flight?
  • fight

  • flight

spirit animal quiz Have you read Divine Comedy?
  • yes, and I liked it

  • yes, but I got bored

  • yes. I was young and didn't understand it, but reading it as a grown-up should be enjyoable

  • no

spirit animal quiz Are you an honest and fair person?
  • yes, absolutely

  • I can be sly sometimes

  • no

spirit animal quiz In what country would you rather live?
  • Japan

  • Tanzania

  • on some isles

  • USA

  • Europe

  • anywhere beautiful

spirit animal quiz Which of these can you live without?
  • recognition

  • knowledge

  • friends and family

  • beauty

  • power

  • love

spirit animal quiz Extroverted or introverted?
  • extroverted introvert

  • introverted extravert

  • pure introvert

  • pure extravert

spirit animal quiz Do you like people?
  • yes, I'm very friendly

  • depends on a person

  • I don't like them much

spirit animal quiz You feel most comfortable when
  • alone

  • being in society

  • daydreaming

  • commanding

  • sleeping

spirit animal quiz Are you a cheerful person?
  • only when I'm in great mood

  • yes, rather cheerful

  • not often

  • rarely

spirit animal quiz What is your love language?
  • words of affirmation

  • physical touch

  • quality time

  • receivig gifts

  • acts of service

spirit animal quiz What do you like the most about yourself?
  • my looks

  • my strong personality

  • my intellect

  • my social skills

  • my stubborness

spirit animal quiz What would be your sin?
  • pride

  • greed

  • envy

  • wrath

  • lust

  • gluttony

  • sloth

spirit animal quiz Honestly, are you happy right now?
  • yes, very much

  • mostly, I still need a few things

  • I'm okay

  • no, I'm not happy

  • I suspect I can be depressed

spirit animal quiz What creature do you feel the closest to?
  • bat

  • hawk

  • dolphin

  • dragon

  • lion

  • ladybug

spirit animal quiz At a party, do you stay away in a corner or show off your social skills?
  • I'm bright and sociable

  • I'll stay somewhere far-off

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