This "Watched It" Or "Skipped It" Teen Movie Test Will Guess Your Generation With 99.9% Accuracy

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 3 months ago
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Welcome to our ultimate generational identity quiz! In a world where avocado toast and TikTok dances coexist, it's time to uncover whether you're more aligned with the millennial mindset or the Gen Z spirit. And you know how we’ll do it? By ticking off the teen movies you’ve watched or skipped. This particular genre of cinematography is known to highlight the cultural tendencies of a certain period. Thus, what can be a better indicator of your age than the teen flicks you’ve watched and enjoyed. 
Now, this won’t be about your tastes (they are highly personal and not to be judged upon!). You’ll have to simply tell us whether you’ve watched a particular movie or not. 

Millennial VS Gen Z

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Millennials, born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s, experienced the transition from analog to digital, witnessed the rise of social media, and embraced the dawn of the smartphone era. On the other hand, Gen Z, born from the mid-1990s to the early 2010s, grew up in a hyper-connected world, where technology is seamlessly integrated into everyday life, and social media platforms are a virtual playground for self-expression.
Obviously, the teen movies of these two periods would differ in many aspects. And while the leading problems and topics of the teenage years are somewhat universal for everybody, the representation and visualisation are different. 
Note that there is a certain period in late 2000s-early 2010s that stands on the crisp of two generations of teens. Thus, such movies can be equally as appealing for young adult millennials and early teen Gen Z (or for late rewatch). 

Millennial Teen Movies 

Millennial teen movies often focused on coming-of-age narratives centred around identity, relationships, and self-discovery.
Characters might use flip phones or desktop computers to communicate, and social media played a minimal role in their interactions.
While some millennial teen movies made efforts to address diversity and representation, they often lacked nuanced portrayals of characters from a variety of backgrounds. 
The humour was notable more crude, often merging with black humour. In general, it often touched upon some insensitive topics. 

Gen Z Teen Movies 

Gen Z teen movies place a stronger emphasis on diversity and representation, featuring more authentic and inclusive depictions of characters from various racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, as well as LGBTQ+ characters and storylines.
Thus, in general, the direction of representation often takes precedence. Gen Z teen movies tend to tackle more diverse and inclusive themes, reflecting the changing social landscape. Issues such as LGBTQ+ representation, mental health awareness, and cultural diversity. 
Gen Z teen movies reflect a world where technology and social media are ubiquitous. Characters are shown constantly connected through smartphones, social media platforms, and online communities, shaping their relationships, self-expression, and social experiences. 

Whether you're a millennial, Gen Z, or somewhere in between, this quiz is sure to provide insight into what makes you uniquely you. Let's dive in and find out if you're a proud millennial or a savvy Gen Z-er – the journey starts now!

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