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Top Gun is an 80s action film that continues to captivate audiences with its adrenaline-pumping story and breathtaking aerial sequences, even today. Released in 1986, the movie stars Tom Cruise as the charismatic and talented pilot, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. With its iconic soundtrack, intense dogfight scenes, and a touch of romance, Top Gun delivers an exhilarating cinematic experience. The recent release of the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, continues the tradition of inducing an adrenaline rush for the average viewer.
This year, the Top Gun hype has returned in full strength. With a new cast and a new high-risk top-secret mission, the audience has dived into the aviator storyline once more. Consequently, many of us are imagining what type of call sign we would have. It seems like a fun idea, doesn't it? But, as it is in the military, a call sign is not something you can create for yourself; it's the prerogative of others to make one for you. Otherwise, everybody would be a Killmonger, Rocket, Falcon, and so on. Often, one gets a call sign they would want the least. And this is the fun part.

Military Call Signs

military call signs
In this call sign generator quiz, we have prepared an array of nicknames suitable for people of different personalities. This is not a random generator. Here, we'll match one based on your personality traits and values.
In general, call signs are assigned by the authorities. And though the whole notion is based on the operating communication protocols, lighthearted and humorous aspects are still a big part of the process.
Call signs are generally chosen to reflect individual characteristics. In addition, they are supposed to be short and easy to pronounce to keep the rapid flow of mission communications.
Aviator call signs have some distinct characteristics compared to other military fields. Thus, they are highly reflective of aviation culture (e.g., incorporating themes and references such as aircraft names) and often carry on legacies within the units.

Call Signs Generator

top gun call signs
Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick had an impressive array of memorable call signs. Some of the fan favorites are:

  • Maverick
  • Iceman
  • Goose
  • Rooster
  • Viper
  • Hangman
  • Hollywood
  • Phoenix
The list is extensive and goes beyond the mentioned titles. The franchise quickly recognized the interest around call signs and created its own AR application that would imitate a military call sign generator. The audience had an opportunity to get their unique nicknames. However, this was a short-lived app for the movie premiere. As of now, the AR experience is no longer available.
But Maverick was so amazing! People still want to get a call sign, right? That's why we are offering this "Top Gun" call sign quiz that would match one for you. And not just a random one but something suitable to your personality. Plus, all of them are catchy and memorable.

If you are ready, let's start the quiz! In just 20 questions, you'll get your nickname!

Top Gun Call Sign Generator Questions

top gun call sign generator What would you do in this situation?
  • buy a round, of course!

  • "buy" a round (I have no money to pay for it, so be thrown out)

  • hide! quicky hide

  • just walk out and never return

top gun call sign generator In the future, would you like to get promoted to an HQ job or stay in combat?
  • HQ is better

  • I'd rather keep flying

top gun call sign generator Which Top Gun Maverick character did you like the most?
  • Pete Mitchell

  • Penny Benjamin

  • Bradley Bradshaw

  • Jake 'Hangman' Seresin

  • Robert “Bob” Floyd

  • Reuben “Payback” Fitch

top gun call sign generator Would you participate in group outing with your team?
  • every single time! I'm probably suggesting it anyway

  • yes, I'll my best to show up

  • I'm a mystery, you never when I'll show up (and I'll arrive late)

  • probably not that often

top gun call sign generator A mission goes awry, your call....
  • retreat, I'm risking my team's lives

  • regroup, it's time for plan B I have

  • go solo to save the mission

  • honestly? I'll just start panicking

top gun call sign generator What strategy in aerial combat would you prefer?
  • don't rush, first analyze the opponent's weaknesses

  • be as aggressive as possible; firepower!

  • fast and unpredictable

  • strategize with my wingman; two heads are better than one

top gun call sign generator Are you a team player?
  • yes; and I'm the leader usually

  • yep, I feel comfortable working in a team

  • not much, I'll manage to do some things my way

  • nope, I'm usually solo

top gun call sign generator Which type of fighter jet do you prefer?
  • Strategic Fighter

  • Light Fighter

  • Fighter-Interceptor

  • Multirole Fighter

  • Fighter-Bomber

  • Heavy Fighter

top gun call sign generator What motivates you to be an aviator?
  • mastering my skills and strategies

  • thrill and adrenaline rush

  • affecting lives, being hero

  • success and recognition

top gun call sign generator How do you handle competition?
  • perfect, I’ll assert dominance right away

  • I enjoy a healthy dose of competition

  • my only competition is myself

  • I prefer to team up with someone and win as a team

top gun call sign generator Do you follow the rules?
  • yes, I always follow rules

  • mostly

  • yes, but I know when it’s time to break them

  • not my thing really, I’m a bit of a rebel

top gun call sign generator Remember the Mach 10 scene in Maverick? Would you push it?
  • absolutely!

  • no way!

  • I'd try but only after the green light

  • haven't seen the scene

top gun call sign generator What type of mission would you rather take?
  • intelligence-gathering

  • high-speed intercept

  • covert operations

  • high-risk all-in missions

top gun call sign generator When you finally lead your team, would you rather them fear you or adore?
  • fear

  • adore

what colour am i If a mission is high-risk, you
  • embrace it and enjoy adrenaline rush

  • be sure to plan everything thoroughly

  • be sure to trust your gut feeling

  • I'd rather not take it if I have a choice

top gun call sign generator Being an expert aviator, you'll face fame and recognition sooner or later. How do you deal with it?
  • enjoy the spotlight and attention

  • be humble and focused on mastering the skills

  • enjoy recognition but value privacy still

  • I'd rather hide from it

top gun call sign generator Your take on training?
  • push myself to the limits every single time

  • train just "shy of failure"

  • focus on mastering the skills you are naturally good at

  • I'm a bit lazy but can still do amazing when I really try

top gun call sign generator Would you say that fear of uncertainty is your worst fear?
  • yes, absolutely!

  • it's in my top 10 fore sure

  • not at all

  • not sure

top gun call sign generator Top Gun or Top Gun Maverick?
  • Top Gun

  • Top Gun Maverick

top gun call sign generator What's the best way to get a call sign in military?
  • through an incident (you can totally plan it!)

  • embrace your responsibilities and train hard

  • find your niche expertise

  • just be friendly

  • show how cool you are all the time!

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