Do You Have Trypophobia?


What is trypophobia? 

This one is a phobia of tightly packed holes or bumps. If it’s hard for you to imagine, think about bubbles, pores, or corals. They have a specific texture that is making people nauseous, nervous, and scared. 

Trypophobia is rarely talked about and not included in the general list of phobias. However, despite that, many people do show signs of the condition. Thus, I believe it’s necessary to highlight this topic and discuss it. It will help people with the symptoms identify the issue and learn about the ways of dealing with it. 

trypophobia quiz

Now, are you ready for a trypophobia test to discover whether you are one of such people or not? If you turn out to be, that’s completely fine. This type of phobia doesn’t make you any less worthy of a human being! The quiz is just meant to help you! 

A short note: This quiz contains imagine unsettling image for a person with trypophobia. During it, you may feel nausea, goosebumps, headache, shivering, experience fear and panic attacks. If you feel that it is too much for you at any moment in the quiz, close it and know that you do have trypophobia. 

Below, I’ll give a few suggestions on how to overcome your fears or reduce the symptoms. 


trypophobia test

This is the most basic way to deal with anything head-related, but the most effective one. To my mind, therapy is not the answer to everything, but to most things surely. 

try to find a professional that would instigate a feeling of comfort and safety. Otherwise, you won’t be able to relax around them and trust enough to open up. 

As you come to a professional, they will decide the necessary means themselves. They depend on the severity of your phobia and how much it affects your daily life. 

Thus, you may need the following 

Talking Sessions 

Often, a simple talking session with a psychologist is helpful enough to alleviate the symptoms of certain conditions or lessen them. As you go through your fear, its causes, and possible consequences, the expert will help you to come to the right conclusion. 

Sometimes, it’s a simple discussion of questions and fear: 

  • do I have trypophobia
  • when was the first time I felt this way? 
  • what am I afraid of? 

These are only a few examples, as I’m no psychologist, unfortunately.

Other times, they will ask you to participate in certain tests, games, and situations. They are all means to help you. 


trypophobia quiz

If you have a severe form of this phobia and it directly interferes with your quality of life, you may need to take certain medications. 

Drugs are meant for the complex cases where no regular therapy can help. I bet that you can deal with trypophobia without the use of meds! However, if you still need them, it’s vital to find a reputable doctor who can improve your health, not destroy it. 

Overall, this trypophobia quiz is meant to give you a general representation of this phobia and tell whether you have certain signs. I do not diagnose you. 

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