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There is a true bender inside all the fans of Aang and his world. I bet you can feel an inclination to one of the elements. Probably to a few. If you are stuck in choosing which element you prefer more, I’m here to guide you. What type of bender are you? It’s time to find out what element is truly yours. In this quiz, you won’t be choosing your magic; magic will be choosing you! If you are ready for the bending test right now, you can proceed straight to the quiz. If you’d like a couple more minutes to remember the elements and their specific powers, you are welcome to read further!   
what type of bender are you

What Types of Bending Are There? 

If you watch through all Avatar series, you can find out pretty much everything there is to know about the “magic “system of the world. Basically, there are four bending art types:
  • air
  • water
  • earth
  • fire
Plus, there is one additional type - energy. We’ll talk about that later in the Avatar quiz.


This element has proven to be a destructive force in capable hands. Stereotypically, wind mages are among the strongest, alike fire mages. In the Avatar world, this is an element of freedom. It was utilized to create a free and peaceful life initially. Airbenders used the art in everyday life and preached enlightenment. Thus, all the children in the tribe were born benders. Unfortunately, we know what’s happened to Aang’s tribe - genocide. Though airbending is mainly a defensive art, the benders can overpower an enemy with massive power. 


I’ve already mentioned that fire mages are noted for their strength in most universes. In this world, fire benders live up to the stereotype and wield a powerful type of art. A crucial part of its powerful nature is that this is the only bending type where people can generate the element themselves. Benders use them to create fire and manipulate the existing flames. It’s a highly offensive type of bending with almost no offensive moves. Contrary to popular opinion, firebending doesn’t require hatred to fuel it. 


This is the most fluid and gracious type of bending. Most benders don’t use sharp edges and ragged, uneven gestures. They are all about flawless implementation. Waterbending is a well-balanced type that can be both defensive and offensive at the same time. Only a bender controls its nature. Waterbenders can also master one of the most dangerous forms of bending - blood bending. It allows them to control a human fully. However, this is a rare skill, and only the most experienced waterbenders can master it. 


Earthbending is an underestimated technique. Yes, it’s a strong connection to neutral jing - a complex state of a myriad of possibilities makes earthbending less dynamic. However, it doesn’t mean the art is weak. Given the right moment, earthbenders can easily overpower any enemy with a powerful technique. 


Energybending was one rare and additional type that was once used by the most powerful Avatars. Unfortunately, it’s a highly powerful and dangerous technique that can even destroy the practitioner. You can also complete this Spirit Animal quiz to uncover your true self. 

What Type of Bender Am I? Avatar-verse Questions

What type of bender am I There is a spider in the corner, do you kill it?
  • yes

  • no, I'll catch it and set outside

  • no, let it be

What type of bender am I If you had the ability to control people's minds, would you use it?
  • no, that's unethical

  • only in emergency situations

  • yes, it'd be very tempting

What type of bender am I What element would you choose for yourself?
  • fire

  • water

  • wind

  • earth

What type of bender am I When you play video games, do you take a defensive or offensive role?
  • defence

  • offence

  • I'm more of a support

  • I don't play games

What type of bender am I Who is your favorite supporting character?
  • Iroh

  • Katara

  • Toph Beifong

  • Appa

What type of bender am I Can you meditate of long periods of time?
  • yes

  • not long, but I can do it regularly

  • no, meditation is not for me

What type of bender am I Would you rather be able to swim underwater like fish or fly like a bird?
  • swim

  • fly

What type of bender am I Are you a peaceful and kind person?
  • yes, I try my best

  • I try, but I'm not super nice inside

  • no, I'm honestly not and that's okay

What type of bender am I Have you watched and read everything of The Last Airbender franchise?
  • yes

  • no

What type of bender am I Are you prone to making impulsive decisions?
  • yes, often!

  • no, I'm impulsive rarely

  • I'm not impulsive at all

What type of bender am I Do you usually rush to take actions?
  • yes

  • no

What type of bender am I If you were given firebending powers right now, would you be afraid of them?
  • yes!

  • only at first, before I know how to contol them

  • no, I'd be glad and I'd be natural

What type of bender am I Are you a perfectionist?
  • yes, in everything

  • in most things

  • not at all

What type of bender am I Imagine that you face three doors. Which will you open?
  • left

  • middle

  • right

What type of bender am I Which do you like more: winter or summer Olympic Games?
  • winter

  • summer

What type of bender am I Are you introverted or extraverted?
  • introverted

  • extroverted

What type of bender am I Are you generally close to your family?
  • yes, weare very close

  • we are close but live our separate lives

  • no, we are distant

What type of bender am I If you were to choose your profession right now, would you choose to work with people directly? (service sector)
  • yes

  • no

What type of bender am I If you see an animal being hurt, do you chase the offender away or stay with to help the animal?
  • I'll chase the villain and make sure they don't repeat it

  • I'll stay to help the animal

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