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Color psychology and therapy have been topics of interest for professionals in many fields. Both artists and psychologists have a deep understanding of how color preference and stimuli can affect human emotions. Color personality is a fascinating subject to dive into.

There is a strong association between various colors and emotional states, as well as a deep connection to personality. This parallel goes beyond the realm of 'spiritual' and 'pseudoscientific.' By examining prominent studies such as 'Color Preference as a Clue to Personality' by Faber Birren or 'Color Preferences for Different Topics in Connection to Personal Characteristics' conducted by Delft University of Technology, we can clearly see the scientific basis for such associations.

Thus, when it comes to the topic of this quiz, 'What Is My Color,' there is already a foundation for analysis. If you would like to discover what color matches your personality, let's get started. In just a few minutes, you will find out your personality color based on your responses.

What Is My Colour? Warm or Cold?

what color am I?
There is a distinct difference between warm and cold colors in the spectrum when it comes to emotions and their influence on humans. Cold colors usually evoke and reflect more subdued emotions, often appearing rather detached. However, even within the cold spectrum, there are some colors considered 'sociable' and others more 'creative.' Green is usually more balanced, while blue is calming.

On the contrary, warm colors are more expressive, reactive, and sensual. For example, we often associate an explosive and active person with the color red. Warm colors are also used in many social environments to excite people.

Right in-between these two opposites lies yellow. This color is often associated with infantile traits and youth. It is also the color of curiosity!

Colour Personality Quiz Basics

my personality color
In this personality colour quiz, the main focus is on the standard simple colors that serve as the basis. While the human eye can perceive and differentiate one million different colors, we will only consider the primary and secondary colors, as they have the strongest connection to human emotions and personality. Additionally, we will include one 'non-color' that also has a strong association. You'll see.

While there are numerous pretty and captivating colors like gold, aquamarine, amaranth, celadon, and so on, they are not deeply rooted in worldwide cultures. They are merely variations of the primary colors. Therefore, people tend to have subjective ideas about them and their corresponding character traits. They are not as clear-cut and highly depend on personal tastes.

As a note for this quiz, we kindly ask you to answer all the questions as honestly as possible. Sometimes, it's better not to overthink your answers and go with your gut feeling. If you cannot find an answer that perfectly suits your feelings, simply choose the one that feels the closest.

Remember that the accuracy of the final result depends on your honesty during the quiz.

What Color Am I? Questions

what colour am i Do you need time to recharge after socializing?
  • yes, I can only socialize for a bit before recharging

  • yes, but I like hanging out with other people

  • not emotionally, mostly physically

  • nope, I love socializing; I’m bored alone

what colour am i Are you a creative person?
  • yes

  • not really

what colour am i Is it easy for you to determine what you want in life?
  • yes, I know my long-term goals and will definitely reach them

  • yes, I know what I want now, but my focus can change

  • only generally speaking, not the details

  • nah, I live in the moment and do what I want at the moment

what colour am i Do you find that color blue tends to calm you down?
  • I’ve never noticed

  • I doesn’t affect me strongly

  • yes, absolutely!

  • not sure

what colour am i When put in the center of attention, you
  • feel awkward; hide fast!

  • that’s not my cup of tea but I can endure

  • feel fine; just do what I have to do

  • feel comfortable and confident

  • simply love it; I’m always in the center of attention

what colour am i Do you think you handle stress well?
  • yes, I remain calm

  • could be better, I try to remain focused

  • nope, anxiety and stress are my enemies

  • no, I’m a mess when stressed

what colour am i What emotion do you experience most frequently?
  • frustration

  • anger

  • happiness

  • fear

  • contempt

  • desire

  • interest

what colour am i Are you generally an honest person?
  • yes

  • not fully

what colour am i Choose a phrase that suits your character better:
  • “Curiosity killed the cat.”

  • “Great minds think alike.”

  • “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

  • “The end justifies the means.”

what colour am i What art movement do you enjoy the most?
  • impressionism

  • expressionism

  • cubism

  • surrealism

  • realism

  • classicism

what colour am i Which statement resonates with you the most?
  • I value knowledge, wisdom, and intellectual

  • I appreciate beauty, harmony, and creativity

  • I prioritize relationships and social interactions

  • I strive for success and personal achievement

what colour am i In social interactions, you are a master of
  • logical, in-depth conversations

  • non-verbal cues and body language

  • empathy and feelings

  • hidden manipulation

what colour am i Would you say that you are a flexible person?
  • yes, I adapt to changes fast

  • I am but I prefer stability

  • not really, I need control and stability

  • not sure

what colour am i How would you like your friends to perceive you?
  • intelligent and grounded

  • focused and motivated

  • curious and empathetic

  • energetic and positive

  • successful and glorious

  • balanced and confident

what colour am i In your free time, you
  • do something mentally stimulating (e.g. reading, watching educational videos, doing quizzes)

  • enjoying outdoor activities

  • socializing

  • other hobbies

what colour am i What approach do you prefer when it comes to problem-solving?
  • highly rational; I prefer to use logic, not emotions

  • mostly logic but, deep down, I don’t contradict my heart

  • my emotions and mind work together for the solution

  • I’m highly emotional and just follow my heart

what colour am i How fast do you become open to other people?
  • I’m hardly open with others

  • I need quite some time

  • I’d say rather fast

  • almost instantly, I’m an open book

what colour am i When you had a group project at school, what was your role?
  • I’m the leader of a group

  • I’m the brains (honestly, I can easily do it all alone)

  • I’m helping with the creative side (making a presentation, framework, etc.)

  • I’ll be presenting it if there is a “public” part of a project

  • I’m just generally helping here and there

  • I just do nothing honestly

what colour am i Do you believe that harmony and balance are most important in life?
  • strongly believe

  • probably yes

  • no

  • not sure

what colour am i How do you respond to rules and structure?
  • I thrive in structure and rules

  • I respect rules but need flexibility

  • structure - yes, rules - nope

  • not well, I need freedom

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