What Breed of Dog Am I?

By: Ira Kurylenko
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There is a popular stereotype that humans and their pets are very similar. They are often compared in looks and in personalities as well. And that makes sense. Your perfect pet would ideally match your personality and temperament, right? 
If you do have a dog, just think about the similarities for a moment. Are you quite similar? Or do your personalities clash sometimes? And if you have several dogs, one of them is bound to resemble more than the rest. 
Those people who don’t have dogs can take this short 20-question quiz to find out their dog personality! Discover what breed suits you the most by diving deep into your personality traits. 

Dog Breed Quiz

what dog am I

This quiz takes into account various habits and personality patterns of yours. It matches them to some of the most popular dog breeds and their general personalities. Of course, all dogs are different, but they do have the foundation of common breed traits. 


Collie is a clever dog who can be easily trained. Their intellect makes them great for herding! Collies have friendly personalities, are generally kind and great for big families. They are active dogs and quite athletic. 


Despite somewhat negative stereotypes about bulldogs, they are a great dog breed! Bulldogs are usually kind and loyal to their family. They are also courageous but grounded at the same time. Bulldog’s personality is calm and balanced. They can be a bit lazy at times though! So, make sure they exercise regularly. 


Do not be fooled by Chihuahua’s small size! They are fierce dogs. They like to be in charge and can be quite sassy at it! They are quite stubborn and often hot-headed. In general, a Chihuahua is fierce with outsiders but extremely loyal to the closest people (the inner circle being very tight!)

Boston Terrier 

A Boston Terrier is often regarded as the perfect city dog. This Terrier is an active extrovert with a friendly demeanor. They are very adaptable and can make the tastiest lemonade when life gives them sour lemons. They are determined dog! It’s the epitome of a cheerful personality with a positive outlook. 


You can easily describe a Doberman in three words: stoic, dependable, and powerful. This is just a fearless dog that can be the best bodyguard. Their personalities are very grounded usually and alert! A Doberman is the best type of protection wrapped in a friendly pet. 

Cocker Spaniel 

A Cocker Spaniel is a sweet and friendly dog. Its hunting ancestry makes it a highly trainable dog. Usually, when given a proper outlet for their energetic and playful moods, they are the cutest and happiest dog ever. Otherwise, they can become frustrated and express their irritation in destructive ways. 

Have you recognized yourself in one of those descriptions already? Would you like to take a guess which of them matches you the best and compare your intuition with the results? Well, good luck in this breed of dogs quiz. 

What Breed of Dog Am I? Questions

what dog breed am i What's your approach to vacations?
  • I usually plan all the little details and like it to be active

  • it should be memorable but I leave room for spontaneity

  • I prefer to delegate all decision-making to somebody else

  • my only condition is relaxation, I want to lazy around

what dog breed am i Which do you value more:
  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • Stability and consistency

what dog breed am i What gives you energy?
  • sleep and lazy relaxation

  • interacting with people

  • doing something physically active

  • some form of self-pampering

what dog breed am i Are you more of a straightforward person or a tactful one?
  • I'm honest and straightforward always

  • I'm very tactful and diplomatic

  • I'm not always straightforward but usually honest

  • I'm always in-between, very flexible

what dog breed am i Were you on a good or naughty list as a child?
  • I was good

  • I was a bit naughty

what dog breed am i When in stress, I become
  • anxious

  • irritated

  • angry

  • lost

what dog breed am i Do you easily forgive people?
  • yes, I don't hold grudges

  • I am a bit petty but will forgive if they ask nicely

  • they'll need to earn it

  • no, I do hold grudges

what dog breed am i Do you prefer working alone or in a group?
  • alone

  • in a group

what dog breed am i What's your favorite holiday?
  • my birthday

  • Christmas/New Year's

  • Easter

  • Halloween

what dog breed am i How many good friends do you have?
  • I'd say a lot

  • several, maybe around 5-6

  • only a couple of people I consider GOOD friends

  • just one

what dog breed am i Choose a word that describes you best
  • energetic

  • reliable

  • strong

  • calm

  • playful

  • passionate

what dog breed am i How good is your intuition?
  • it's very good, I def have some powers

  • it's fine (far from perfect though)

  • not reliable

  • it's terrible, I know to do the opposite of my intuition

what dog breed am i How stubborn are you?
  • I'm very stubborn

  • pretty stubborn but I know where to stop

  • not really stubborn

  • I have no idea!

what dog breed am i Are you more of a hot-headed or cold-minded person?
  • hot-headed

  • col-minded

what dog breed am i If you overhear a private spicy conversation, you
  • I'll need to share this knowledge, if you know what I mean

  • I'll keep listening but won't tell anyone

  • I'll store the info in my head in case I need to use it in future

  • nope, I'll leave or stop listening

what dog breed am i Are you a lazy person?
  • yep, I'm very lazy

  • a bit, yeah

  • I have my weak moments sometimes, but generally no

  • I'm the opposite - very energetic

what dog breed am i When your plans suddenly change, you
  • adapt to the change quickly, no problem

  • I feel fine but need a bit of time to adapt

  • I'm stressed and feel off track

  • that's the worst, I'm angry and irritated

what dog breed am i When working on a project, I tend to
  • rush to finish it

  • take it slow and pay attention to details

  • procrastinate till deadline

  • lazy around and not finish it in time

what dog breed am i Do you usually have pessimistic or optimistic views?
  • optimism through and through

  • pessimism prevails

  • I'm a realist

  • I'm not sure

what dog breed am i Authorities and law enforcement...
  • are needed to maintain society

  • the concept is great but they can do better

  • just restrict and limit people

  • are not needed at all

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