What Should You Binge?

By: Ana Rinkevich
Created: 3 months ago
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Are you struggling to choose your next TV obsession? Binge-watching has become the new norm, with an endless sea of shows at our fingertips. Here we introduce a quiz that's tailored to help you discover your ideal series match effortlessly.

Dive in and let's find your binge!

What is the Binge Quiz?

Ready to dive into a new show but not sure where to start? The What Should I Binge Quiz is a quick and fun test designed to help you discover your next TV binge. Answer a series of questions about your preferences and be honest for accurate results.

This quiz strips away the hassle of choosing. Just answer some simple questions about what tickles your fancy, be it drama, comedy, or something in between.

It's streamlined and swift – perfect for those eager to spend less time deciding and more time enjoying. Your next favorite series is just a few clicks away!
what tv series should i watch quiz

How to Take the Quiz

Get ready to click your way through a personalized journey to find your perfect TV series match. The quiz dives in on what you love most, asking about genres, show lengths, and character types that pique your interest.

Your viewing habits are key: do you devour dramatic tales or crave comedy? The brief prompts guide you effortlessly from one question to the next.

Enter into this online survey with an open mind and be truthful about what tickles your fancy in a television series. Whether it's a romance that warms your heart or a mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat, each answer helps tailor recommendations just for you.

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but the result is hours of entertainment perfectly suited to your taste buds.

Your answers shape the quiz's recommendations, so it's crucial to be genuine. If you secretly love reality TV but claim to prefer documentaries, the results won't reflect your true taste.

Embrace your preferences openly and provide sincere responses for a truly personalized binge-watching guide.

So be candid, and let the quiz work its magic!
what to watch quiz


Discover which TV series is recommended for you based on your quiz answers and share your results with friends to see what everyone else got! Read more to find out which binge-worthy show you should start watching next.

Once you complete the quiz, discover your next TV binge based on your preferences. Ready to explore new TV series matches personalized for you?

What Should You Binge? Questions

what should i watch quiz What is your go-to snack when watching TV?
  • Pizza or chicken wings

  • Twizzlers or gummy bears

  • Chips or popcorn

what show should i watch quiz How do you feel about cliffhangers at the end of episodes?
  • I hate it

  • I mostly like it

  • Somewhere in the middle

what tv show should i watch quiz Are you more drawn to dramas or romance?
  • Romance for sure

  • Drama is better

  • None of them, I like action or sci-fi

tv program quiz Select your preferred age of heroes:
  • 15-25

  • 25-40

  • 45+

television series quiz What do you prefer in the show?
  • Strong female lead

  • Male protagonist

  • Ensemble cast

tv program quiz What emotions do you like to experience while watching series?
  • Fear or anger

  • Joy and empathy

  • Sadness or compassion

what television show should i watch What is your favorite genre to watch?
  • Romance

  • Drama

  • Sci-fi

  • Historical

  • Action

  • Young adult

what television show should i watch Do you prefer binge-watching or spacing out your TV time?
  • Binge-watching of course

  • I'm somewhere in the middle

  • Just watch something during the dinner

what show should i be watching What is your ideal vacation scenario?
  • Cave diving on a beautiful beach

  • Exploring old architecture

  • Peaceful holiday in the countryside

what shall i watch Select the time period in which the show is set:
  • Historical era

  • Current day

  • Future world

what tv show i should watch What’s your favorite book?
  • Dune, by Frank Herbert

  • Hyperion, by Dan Simmons

  • The Three Emperors, by Miranda Carter

  • The White Queen, by Philippa Gregory

  • The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

  • Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott

  • None of the above

show quiz What do you expect from the new pick?
  • Just entertainment

  • To engage my brain

  • To make me emotional

quiz what tv show should i watch Do you have a binge partner?
  • No, I prefer to binge alone

  • Yes, my partner

  • I usually binge with my besties

quiz what show should i watch What do you usually rely on when choosing a series?
  • Any top lists

  • My friends' recommendations

  • I read reviews carefully

what show should i watch Decide on the tone you prefer:
  • Lighthearted and romantic

  • Intense and suspenseful

  • Emotional and heartwarming

what tv show should i watch What length of the series do you prefer?
  • 1-2 seasons

  • 3-4 seasons

  • 5+ seasons

quiz on tv series What TV characters do you like most?
  • Strong and leading

  • Soft and compassionate

  • Courageous and passionate

what show should i watch Select your preferred setting:
  • Outer space

  • Small town

  • Big city

what tv show should i watch Do you enjoy complex storylines with intricate plot twists or prefer simpler story?
  • Intricate plot of course

  • A simple heartwarming story

  • I like both

tv program quiz Do you prefer shows based on true events or entirely fictional stories?
  • Fictional stories

  • True events

  • Both are fine

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