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By: Ana Rinkevich
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Ever felt like you're more than just a fan of "Outer Banks"? Here's a thing – the show isn't just about treasure hunts and love triangles. Through this article, we're diving deep into which Outer Banks character mirrors you.

By answering some fun quiz questions, you'll find out if you're a daring John B or a spirited Kiara. Let's get quizzing!
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What is Outer Banks About?

"Outer Banks" is a thrilling TV series full of treasure hunts, love triangles, and adventure. It follows the lives of the Pogues, a group of working-class teenagers, as they navigate dangerous situations in pursuit of hidden treasure while also dealing with conflicts with the wealthy Kooks.

It is full of adventure, drama, mystery, and a bit of romance. It tells the story of teenagers on a treasure hunt in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The main guy? John B., leading his crew called the Pogues. They're all about finding lost gold while dealing with life's ups and downs.

This group includes characters like Sarah Cameron - she's into John B., adding some love to the mix. Kiara brings her independent spirit. JJ’s loyalty is solid as rock, and Pope adds his smart insights to their quests.

Outer Banks hit the mark with fans, grabbing their attention from episode one. It's got treasure hunts, close friendships, and thrilling twists that keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

People love how real the characters feel - like they're part of our own gang. This show makes viewers wish they could dive into its world, hunting for gold and solving mysteries with John B and his crew.
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Take the Quiz and Find Out Your OBX Character

So, you're curious which "Outer Banks" character mirrors your adventurous spirit, huh? Well, you've come to the right place. Dive into this personality quiz and let's figure out if you're more of a John B., Sarah, or maybe even a Pope. 

The questions touch on all things important from the show, like your go-to weekend plans and what you'd splurge on first with some newfound treasure. It's a chance to determine which character from Outer Banks you resemble the most.

Fancy finding out which Outer Banks character matches your personality? This quiz is here for all the OBX fans. Delve into the world of treasure hunts, love triangles, kooks, and pogues.

It’s time to discover if you resonate with John B's adventure spirit, Sarah's charm, or Pope’s intellect. Embrace the thrill and share your results with fellow OBX enthusiasts!

Which Outer Banks Character Are You? Questions

obx quiz Imagine winning big money! First buy?
  • Something practical

  • Something lavish

  • Something in the middle

what outer banks character are you What is your perfect vacation spot?
  • Ocean beach

  • Mountains

  • Wild forest

which outer banks character are you You find a treasure map in your attic. What's your first move?
  • Take time to think and create a strategy

  • Discuss it with my friends

  • Get in trouble from the start

outer banks quiz Pick an adventure: searching for lost gold or surfing at dawn?
  • Searching for gold

  • Surfing or swimming

  • Both are fine

obx quiz It’s Friday night. What are your plans?
  • Party all night

  • Quiet night alone

  • A date night

outer banks character quiz Someone tells a secret about your friend. Do you spill it?
  • Yes, definitely

  • No, never

  • I don't know, it depends

obx quiz Found a boat but only have room for one friend. Who gets on?
  • Cleo

  • Pope

  • John B.

  • JJ

  • Topper

  • Sarah

obx quiz What’s your take on mysteries and legends?
  • I am curious about legends and lore

  • I think it's just fairy tales

  • I'm somewhere in the middle

outer banks character quiz If faced with danger, what's your instinct? Fight or flight?
  • I stay calm but cautious

  • I stay fearless and fight when needed

  • I try to avoid danger if possible

which obx character are you Which word best describes your leadership style?
  • Restrained, discreet

  • Spontaneous, casual

  • Confident, dynamic

obx quiz What's your go-to adrenaline-pumping activity?
  • Surfing

  • Diving

  • Biking or hiking

obx quiz How would you deal with a challenging moral dilemma?
  • Take my time to decide what's right

  • Do the first thing that comes to my mind

  • I don't know, it depends

obx quiz What's your favorite way to unwind after a long day of adventure?
  • Good night sleep

  • Yoga or meditation

  • Running or boxing

obx quiz Choose one - sailing into the unknown or sticking to familiar waters?
  • Familiar waters are safe for me

  • Unknown is better

  • I'm somewhere in the middle

obx quiz What is your ideal partner-in-crime?
  • Someone loyal

  • Someone brave

  • The smart guy

obx quiz Pick a character trait that describes you best:
  • Daring

  • Compassionate

  • Witty

obx quiz Choose an ideal location for hiding treasures:
  • Desert island

  • Hidden cave system

  • Secret waterfall

obx quiz Would you sacrifice personal happiness for your friends' well-being?
  • I don't know, it depends

  • Yes, that's not a problem for me

  • No, I don't think so

obx quiz What's your ideal way to spend a day off on the Outer Banks?
  • A boat ride with friends

  • Relaxing on the beach

  • Hiking or biking

what obx character are you What's your greatest strength?
  • Adventurous spirit

  • Carefree attitude

  • Communication skills

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