Which My Little Pony Character Are You?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Created: 4 months ago
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Welcome to the enchanting world of Equestria, where friendship reigns supreme and magical adventures await! Are you a fan of those little cute ponies? Would you like to become a part of their enchanting adventures and troublesome plotlines? Then you are exactly where you belong! This is the right quiz for a devoted pony enthusiast! 

Ever wondered which iconic My Little Pony character embodies your unique personality and traits? Dive into the colorful realm of pony magic and take our "Which Character from My Little Pony Am I" personality quiz to discover which beloved friend resonates with you the most.

My Little Pony Quiz

my little pony quiz

In this delightful journey, you'll explore various aspects of your character, preferences, and responses to different situations, all inspired by the in-universe lore, plotlines, and heartwarming examples set by the vibrant characters of My Little Pony. Are you a studious and organized Twilight Sparkle, a daring and loyal Rainbow Dash, or perhaps a cheerful and party-loving Pinkie Pie?

My Little Pony Characters

which my little pony character am i

In this quiz, we’ve gathered some of the fan-favorite ponies of the fandom. This is your chance to feel like the main character of a fantasy world, explore its mysteries, build friendships, and defeat villains with your courageous and selfless deeds. Here are the main stars of the show: 


As a fashion-forward unicorn, Rarity is sophisticated and has a keen eye for design. Her generosity and elegance shine through as she pursues her passion for creative hobbies and DIY masterpieces. 

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is the cheerful and energetic party pony, known for her love of laughter and throwing spontaneous parties. You are an outgoing extrovert who brings positivity to the lives of your friends.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight is a studious and organized unicorn with a passion for learning and magic. She embodies the qualities of leadership, intelligence, and friendship. Can you rival her wits? 

Rainbow Dash 

Known for her loyalty and competitive spirit, Rainbow Dash is a confident and adventurous person. Just like her, you are a fearless person whose determination knows no bounds. Your goals do come true.


Honest, hardworking, and dependable, Applejack is an earth pony who values family and tradition. She's often the voice of honesty and integrity among her friends. And you are just like that! 

Get ready to answer a series of fun and insightful questions that will unveil the magic within your own personality. Whether you find yourself drawn to the wonders of magic, the thrill of competition, the joy of laughter, the down-to-earth honesty, or the allure of creativity and elegance, your journey through this quiz promises to be an enchanting experience.

So, gather your elements of harmony and let the adventure begin! Uncover the pony spirit that resides within you and discover which My Little Pony character mirrors your essence. Saddle up and embark on this magical quest to unveil the pony counterpart that shares the same heart and soul as you do!

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