Which Walking Dead Character Are You?

By: Ana Rinkevich
Created: 4 months ago
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Ever find yourself wondering how you'd fare in a walker-infested world? "The Walking Dead" has introduced us to some hardcore survivors, each with their unique ways of handling life and zombies.

Our quiz is like a mirror to the apocalypse. It reveals which character from AMC's hit series mirrors your own survival style and personality. Ready to face the hordes? Keep reading and discover your TWD alter ego!

which walking dead character am i

Taking the Quiz: How to Find Your Walking Dead Counterpart?

Ready to find out which Walking Dead character you're most like? This quiz will delve into your personality traits and determine which survivor from the show shares your qualities.

Get ready to discover your zombie apocalypse counterpart!

About the Walking Dead Characters

The Walking Dead characters have seen a lot of tough times. They've fought off zombies, called walkers in the show, and faced some really mean people too. Each character has their own way of dealing with this scary world.

For example, Rick Grimes is a leader who tries to do what's right while keeping his group safe. Characters like Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene show us that even during crazy times, people can fall in love and be brave together.

In the show, these survivors must make quick choices to stay alive among zombies and other dangers. They each bring different strengths to their group - like being smart about finding food or good at fighting walkers off.

This mix makes them interesting to watch and wonder: "What would I do if I were in their shoes?" Taking the quiz lets you step into this postapocalyptic world for a moment and see which survivor you're most like.
what the walking dead character are you
Get ready to match your personality with a character from "The Walking Dead." This quiz has 20 questions that dig deep into who you are. They look at how you handle tough choices and what kind of friend you are.

It's like holding up a mirror – but instead of your reflection, there's a face from the show staring back.

We've got all kinds for you here, whether you're brave like Rick or smart like Glenn. Your answers will tell us which character would play you in a world full of zombies. Think about it – finding out if you could stay alive when everything goes crazy! 

No need to wait - go ahead and see where you stand when those walkers come calling!

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