Which Winx Club Character Am I?

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The adventures of the Winx are like magical role-playing games! The girls have the main overarching goal for the season or an arc and they pick up the smaller “quests” to save people or animals along the way. Their adventures are always full of exciting quests, battles against baddies, exploring new places, making friends, and learning to use their powers for good. It's all about teamwork, friendship, and standing up for what's right in a super colorful and enchanting world!

WINX Characters 

winx club characters
WINX Club characters are 6 unique and relatable girls who face unimaginable difficulties and challenges on their journey to learn magic, make friends, and defeat their enemies. 
Throughout the series, we see them coming of age, forming their personalities, and developing character traits that make them all the more relatable for the young viewers (well, except for the magic fights and being Princesses!). 
Alongside developing their strong personalities, all of them learn the strength of friendship and find their love interests that reflect their characters the best. Each of the couple has a unique progression in their relationship as well as their own ups and down. 


Brave and fiercely loyal, Bloom's fiery determination can sometimes lead to impulsiveness, but her passion for justice always lights the way through darkness. Her main love interest is Sky, the prince of Eraklyon. They have a significant romantic connection throughout the series.


With a vibrant and outgoing personality, Stella's confidence in her fashion sense and positive spirit shines, though her occasional self-centeredness might dim the mood. Brandon, a skilled swordsman and prince of Eraklyon, is Stella's primary love interest. Their relationship faces ups and downs but remains strong.


Gentle and nurturing, Flora's connection to nature is both a strength and a vulnerability, as her empathy often leads her to put others' needs above her own. Helia, an artist and specialist from Red Fountain, becomes Flora's romantic interest. Their relationship blossoms over the course of the series.


Logical and highly intelligent, Tecna's analytical nature aids problem-solving but occasionally creates a barrier to emotions, making her seem detached at times. Timmy, a tech-savvy specialist from Red Fountain, is Tecna's love interest. They bond over their shared interests in technology and logic.


Sensitively artistic, Musa's emotional depth fuels her creativity but can also lead to self-doubt, especially when navigating personal matters. Musa's primary love interest is Riven, a brooding and complex specialist from Red Fountain. Their relationship encounters challenges but also moments of connection.


Courageous and independent, Aisha's adventurous spirit is a driving force, yet her strong-willed nature might sometimes clash with the desires of those around her. Nabu, a wizard prince introduced later in the series, becomes Aisha's love interest. Their relationship faces obstacles but remains strong and heartfelt.

Which Winx Club Character Am I? Questions

winx characters Which of the mythical creatures would you rather befriend?
  • a dragon

  • a phoenix

  • a centaur

  • a mermaid

winx club characters If you woke up in the world of WINX tomorrow, would you rather be a fairy or a witch?
  • fairy

  • witch

winx characters Which role would you get in a fantasy team fight?
  • the leader who charges forward

  • support with heals and buffs

  • I'll be the strategist and use inventive weaponry

  • I'll deal mass damage from afar

  • a close-range fighter or a rogue

  • can I be a bard?

winx characters If you got magic powers at this moment, how would you react?
  • I'd be a bit anxious and look for help in learning to control them

  • honestly, I'd be a bit scared of those powers

  • I'm excited! what can I do? I'd like to master them!

  • yes! I'm already doing some random stuff with my powers!

winx club characters Is it easy for you to connect with someone on an emotional level?
  • yes

  • I need a bit of time for that

  • I can do that but I really don't want to

  • nah, it's rather hard for me

winx characters What's the best to train for magic fights?
  • use simulation, like in Matrix

  • find a partner and train against them

  • train your magic/combat techniques on your own to perfection first

  • have real fights, that's the best practice

winx characters If you were really fae, what types of wings would you like to have?
  • iridescent sheer just like in WINX

  • huge angel-like with feathers

  • something unique, like a bone carcass or with mechanical parts

  • leather wings

winx characters You would be more interested in a mysterious artefact hidden in...
  • in an underwater cave

  • at the top of a vulcano

  • old castle ruins

  • a space station

winx characters Are you a master of accessorizing?
  • yes

  • no

winx characters You get to control elemental magic, which of the four elements would you choose?
  • air

  • earth

  • fire

  • water

winx club characters Choose your evil laugh


  • KeKeKe


winx characters Which of these Spotify playlists would you rather listen to:
  • Songs to kill people's ears at karaoke night

  • Music is cheaper than therapy

  • The best of the worst

  • Calm as s bomb shelter

winx characters How good are you with innovative technologies?
  • great, I love them!

  • I'm okay with what I need for daily use

  • I'm better with creative stuff than the logical components

  • not that good outside of the basic stuff

winx characters Are you high maintenance when it comes to self care and beauty?
  • yes

  • no

winx characters What type of video games do you prefer?
  • RPG

  • puzzles and strategies

  • simulators

  • online multiplayer games

winx characters Imagine that instead of a magical tournament, you had to participate in a decathlon competition between schools. Choose your event
  • javelin throw

  • 100 metres run

  • long jump

  • high jum

winx characters What's your favorite "not so healthy" snack?
  • chips

  • candies

  • cookies

  • nuts

winx characters You'd rather devote your live to save
  • the environment

  • people

  • animals

  • world peace

winx characters If not a fairy, you'd rather be
  • a werewolf

  • a vampire

  • a demon

  • a dryad

winx characters now, be honest, who of the girls do you like more? (won't affect the result)
  • Bloom

  • Stella

  • Flora

  • Tecna

  • Musa

  • Aisha

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