Who Was I in My Past Life?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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 Tn this past life quiz, you'll learn your role a few centuries back. Who were you in our history? A monarch or a commoner? A monk or a heretic? This question will be answered right now and here! I hope you are ready to find out the answer. For this journey may uncover an unexpected side of you! Usually, past life quizzes are considered spiritual and mystic. However, I take a more behavioral approach. I'll explore your behavioral patterns and apply them to the criteria that determine each character for the past life. 

What was I in my past life?

 Yes, the question of "what" is applicable for past life quizzes. The basic principles of reincarnation evaluate your personality and deeds in life. It means that you can transform into a beetle in the next life if you behave poorly in this. And the list is not limited by insects. You can easily become an animal next time. It's also possible to be reborn as a plant. Sure some of you may rejoice in such a possibility, but most would prefer not! At least, this is what the standard views of reincarnation tell us. That you can be reborn as anything. And that is why you have to be virtuous in this life instead of burning it all to the ground as if it's the last day of your existence. 
who was i in my past life test

Who was I in my past life?

 This is a valid question as well. If you were a good soul in the lives before, you were probably a human in the previous as well! Now, this is an interesting question, right? You might have been anyone! There is also a possibility that you are someone famous. Do we know you? I bet you are an extraordinary soul that can be anyone! You never know just what rile is prepared for you by the universe. Also, do you believe in the definition? Do you hat some thither source regulates your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Is this a regression test?

 Unfortunately, no, this is not a regression test. I wish I could perform them, but you need a certified specialist for that! People have all sorts of training for that! I hope you can find a specialist near you and book a regression session. If I had one near me, I would. Also, I'd like to see how your results will compare! What if your role what so specific that it's not in here at all? 
what was i in a past life quiz

How to take this past life quiz?

 The best to take this quiz is to answer all the questions honestly. Yes, we are biased when it comes to ourselves, but try to be objective for just 5 minutes! And you'll see a great result. I can only wish you the best of luck in this life! Who knows, maybe you were a decent being in the previous life. After you complete this quiz and learn one new detail about your nature, I suggest the use of quiz.to calm down. 

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