Character Alignment Test: Are You a Villain?

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  • Lawful Good
  • Neutral Good
  • Chaotic Good
  • Lawful Neutral
  • True Neutral
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Lawful Evil
  • Neutral Evil
  • Chaotic Evil
These are the basic types of the Alignment Character chart. All of them were created as a guide to the Dungeons and Dragons character creation stage. To keep the game atmospheric, you need diverse characters with distinctive traits. Often, imagining a whole person is a complex task. Remaining “in character” is even harder! Thus, such a chart was created to help players imagine and sustain their characters for the whole game. As the types are so realistic and based on people’s actual characteristics, you fall under one of them as well. Ready to find out your role? Check this Alignment quiz then! 

Alignment Characters 

d&d alignment test
Each type has another in-game name that describes its role. 


This is the role of a Lawful Good character. It opposes evil but always acts in accordance with the laws. It’ll punish the guilty following the orders of authority. 


This is a Neutral Good character. It has a devotion to the family and is always ready to help others. However, it knows that the authority is flawed and remains true to its principles if needed to oppose the law. 


As you’ve already guessed, it’s the Chaotic Good. It’s a good character in the heart, but it has no respect for the authorities. Their good nature keeps them from drastic measures in peaceful times, but when the laws fail people, you’ll see the birth of a rebel. 


Judge is the perfect role for Lawful Neutral. The character follows the laws, is reliable, and traditional. However, it’s a character that is highly realistic - it combines both good and evil and knows how to balance the two sides perfectly. 


The True Neutral! Even if this character seems a bit boring from the description, it is a highly diverse character that can sway in any way to keep the balance and neutrality. It prefers good in its own interests but can show destructive indifference. 

Free Spirit 

The main role of Chaotic Neutral is to be true to themselves. It knows what it wants and follows its wishes, which, sometimes, comes with negative consequences to others. It doesn’t want to do evil or destroy organizations but not tolerate their restrictions. 


Now, we’ve come to the Evil part of the chart, specifically Lawful. This may be a villain in disguise who knows how to seem lawful and reach all its goals, often hurting other people. Evil can even be a part of their duty! 


The Neutral Evil is out is themselves. The character does whatever it wishes as long as it doesn’t get caught. It has little regard to honor but is also not as restless and unpredictable as the chaotic types. 


This is Chaotic Evil at its purest. It loves the destruction of all and everything. It is a pleasure and an objective! The character’s motto is self-interest and freedom. It’s a lone wolf of villains, one with unpredictable, chaotic plans. To learn more about your Character Alignment, you can also check Where Should I Live quiz!   

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