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By: Denis Priesnov
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 Choose a country from this list: 
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • South Korea
  • Bali (Indonesia)
Though the latter is an island, a part of the Indonesian lands, it would be nice to live there. To my mind, all of these countries are interesting options when looking for the perfect country. They all offer drastically different experiences in terms of culture, language, and way of living. Some places are more hectic, others are chill. But people are different as well. Some are suitable for the fast pace of life and can not imagine being a stick in a society that doesn't hurry around. Other people cannot keep up with the hectic life of many countries and need that sweet "Siesta" regularly, for example. Which group of people is closer to you? I think we'll find out in a few minutes. Where Should I Live quiz will uncover the perfect country for you and the most suitable society. Are you ready to relocate though? 

What country to choose?

 There are several issues that have to be into account. 


Where Should I Live test
What weather for you prefer? Cold winters or hot summers? Or the other way around? There are places that combine the two and offer an incredibly drastic change between the seasons. Some places are mellow and consistent all year round. Overall, climate s one of the most important factors to take not account! 

Job opportunities

which country should i live in quiz
You'll need a job! That is how adults buy stuff! If you are still in school, think about what educational options a country offers. Or, you can start looking for a job right away; modern society is more flexible about such things these days. 

Culture and Language

in which country should i live quiz
Language is important everywhere. And no matter where you go, you'll need to learn the local languages and dialects sooner or later. For now, you obviously have English that is universal on Earth. To some degree, at least. Former British colonies and the whole of Europe will understand you (more or less). Also, countries with many tourists tend to understand English better. When it comes to culture, it's all about personal preferences. Do you like oriental elements? Maybe old European or modern American? Do you want to sing songs at Carnivals or go on a picnic to celebrate? There are many sides to culture and you should choose the one that calls to you the most. And this country quiz will help to determine that! You may also like: Kink Test - a bit of spicy fun. 

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