Kink Test: Uncover Your Hidden Desires

Sexual kinks

Sexual kinks have always been a secret topic for society. During some periods, people were more open about their sexual preferences with certain people; in other times, they were not even sharing such desires with their partners. Fortunately, we are living in a time when discussing your fetishes is gradually becoming more accepted. Within very close circles, of course. And, most importantly, be open with over shelves. Thus, this kink test will uncover some of your inner desires for you.

I’ve included a few most popular fetishes and kinks that have the largest percentages of “practitioners.” As people are more likely to enjoy a certain number of things more than the other, it would be logical to focus on them more.

What Did Change During the Lockdown?

Covid-19 has brought many corrections to our daily lives. It affected many spheres, from healthcare and work to interpersonal relationships. We were forced to spend much time indoors, often even locked in our homes. Some of us were alone; others were spending time with partners and family. And this was the prime time to dig into our desires and feelings. Besides, having much free time on our hands leads to exploring your intimacy better.

Thus, in 2020, a survey was conducted by a BDSM dating app to see what kinks were the most popular during the lockdown time. And here are the top results.

Virtual Sex

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The leading place is quite self-explanatory if you think about it. Virtual sex has always been an efficient way for people to maintain intimate connecting long-distance. And if you are closed away without your significant other, or without anybody else for that matter, this is the only logical way to relax and enjoy your time together. Obviously, not all of us are lucky to be locked with your partner with nothing else to do.


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Dominance play has always been a popular kink. I cannot say that this is a new development. However, at that point, it was more of a stress relief mechanism than it’s ever been. For some people, it was important to take control in this part of their at least, with all the chaos around. For others, getting rid of worries and clearing your mind was the ulterior motive.

Orgasm Control

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This is the third most popular kink revealed in the survey. Usually, this is a somewhat neglected kink that is massively popular. For some reason, it often goes unnoticed when you read articles about fetishes and kinks. However, this survey proves just how massively “in-demand” it is.


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Wouldn’t say that the popularity of this surprises me. Bondage has always been high on such charts, and the lockdown has not changed that. Nor any other quarantine that is to follow can change that.

Anal Play

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This is a pretty high-profile kink as well. Though I would rather call it a type of sex, it is a taboo topic for many people even to talk about. 2020 seems to bring heightened interest to the new unique ways of enjoying intimacy.

The following kink quiz includes some of the mentioned tendencies, but I will not reveal which ones!

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