Rice Purity Test, Are You Devil or Angel?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
Rice purity test is meant to determine whether you are a horny or a perfect angel. We wish Santa Claus would share his naughty list with us, but this Rice purity quiz is a decent substitution in the meanwhile. 

Rice Purity

 Somehow, the existence of a Rice purity quiz eluded me till about two months ago. Apparently, this is a famous test that most people (predominantly students) know about. It turns out, not all of us are so knowledgeable. So, if you are just like me, I’ll tell you a bit about the test’s history and what it really was used for. If you already know this information, proceed to the fun part! In a few years, the test will have its own anniversary! 

Back in 1924, it was first administered by Rice University. Initially, it was meant for the establishment’s female student body to learn just how risque they really were. Of course, the test was anonymous at that time. Later, it became popular among the male part of students as well. In a few years, people all over the country were taking the test just for fun. Today, our society is a bit different from the 1920s. We have more freedom, and being on the naughtier part of the test is no big deal. 

A century ago, the test results were not as well received. You were either labeled too immoral or a complete prude. Women had it the worst. I imagine that even despite the anonymity of the test, women still have been hiding their actual experiences. 
Rice purity test

Scaling System

 The original purity test has 100 yes/no questions. The higher the score, the “purer” you are. People below 70 were considered immoral. Taking into consideration the technical features of the plugin I’m working with, the scores will be reversed. The higher you are, the naughtier. 

The results come in three groups.

The lowest rice purity percentage scale of below 30 means that you are a pure soul, practically an angel who does nothing wrong. You are a good girl/boy and will receive your gift from Santa this year. Yay! The mid-range shows that you are a balanced person. You’ve tried a few things in your life and probably regret nothing.

Well done, you get to enjoy your life to the fullest while remaining a relatively pure person. In certain aspects, if you know what I’m talking about The high range of above 70 means you’ve been naughty these last few years. You try everything your soul desires without a second thought. It may be legal sometimes, but you have to live up to your naughty reputation (BDSM, kinky person, role-play, etc), right? And who needs to be perfect anyway? This is the basic scheme of this quiz.

You’ll also have to choose between yes and no for each question. All of them dwell on certain things you might have done in your life. In case you want to indulge in your naughty side more, get yourself a vampire boyfriend in this Vampire Diaries quiz

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