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Vampire Diaries is the ultimate vampire TV series: prove me wrong! VD combined with the spin-off The Originals and Legacies make up the perfect series for any fan of vampires and werewolves. With plenty of content to watch and lots of interesting characters to stan, the show is ideal for teens and even people in their twenties and thirties. And, from personal experience, I know even a few older ones who would like to take this Vampire Diaries quiz as well! Obviously, a vampire TV show would have lots and lots and sexy vampires wandering around, killing people, protecting their loved ones, and so on. And Vampire Diaries has an impressive range for sexy guys of other species as well. You just name it: werewolves, humans, warlocks, doppelgangers, hunters, and many other supernatural beings. And you are here to check what VD boyfriend you can get, right? If so, let me introduce the first selection of Vampire Diaries boyfriend material. 


It all began with Stefan. He was the first vampire introduced to us and remained one of our favorite characters till the end. Stefan is a gentle romantic at heart, but one that can be dangerously destructive if his feelings are switched off. This boyfriend is like a gentle rose with thorns that comes with a hidden danger but is lovely otherwise.
Vampire Diaries Boyfriend quiz


Yet another Salvatore who’s managed to capture our hearts! Damon is the opposite of Stefan. Most of the time, he seems like a bad boy (and he is), but his heart is kind to those he loves. It may be a tough-love sometimes, but you know it’s true and for a long time with Damon.
Vampire Diaries Boyfriend quiz


The big baddy of Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Klaus is a complex character that attracts fans even despite his numerous killings. He has a sad childhood that toughens him up and a dashing charisma that makes you close your eyes for most of his wrongdoings. He is one complex boyfriend to have, but Klaus will do anything for the person he loves as long as they stay loyal.
Vampire Diaries Boyfriend quiz


As the years went by, Jeremy was no longer just Elena’s younger brother but an attractive person on his own. Jeremy is a human but not without a supernatural trace. He is young, sweet, and devoted to his family. If you get a boyfriend like Jeremy, this will be the sweetest love in your life.
Vampire Diaries Boyfriend quiz


What girl doesn’t like a transformed jock? Who would have thought that Tyler would be a prominent character in the later seasons? First a werewolf, later a hybrid, Tyler is unexpectedly a part of many important VD events. He is risking his life too many times while being together with Caroline; the boy needs some uncomplicated love in his life.
Vampire Diaries Boyfriend quiz
These are the initial sexy boyfriends of Vampire Diaries. They dominate the first few seasons of the show and are among the most beloved characters on the show. Aside from this Vampire Diaries test, you may also like to check the Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz.   

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