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By: Denis Priesnov
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The most compelling medical drama of the previous is still running and as popular as ever. Who would have thought that Grey’s Anatomy will capture the audience for 15 seasons? And despite the temporary hiatus, the show will run as long as Meredith is its part. And during that time, we will continue to create new Grey’s Anatomy quizzes to keep tabs on all those exciting details about our favorite heroes. 

Why Do We Love the show?

Keeping a series interesting for over 15 years is challenging that a few directors and writers can accomplish. However, it seems that this is the case of the close connection between the creators and the audience. They know what the viewers need and maintain the feeling that keeps all the fans loyal to the show - relatability. Of course, most are not doctors and cannot relate to the clinic’s medical routine, but our personal qualities, characters, and life situations the show’s doctors face are all too familiar to us. 

Growing up with Grey 

Some part of the audience, the most devoted one, practically grew up with the series. They’ve discovered the show in their teens and being a young adult and related to Meredith’s love challenges and the problems of finding your place. During all these years, the doctors changed alongside the audience. They face many of the same social dilemmas and struggles. The face loss and the creation of new life. The characters grow and change, just as we all do. 
Grey's Anatomy trivia quiz

Some Interesting Facts You May Not Know 

Here are some facts about the show that not all viewers know. They only highlight the effort put into the series. 

Grey’s Anatomy is the Longest on ABC 

This show is the longest-running prime time title on ABC. No wonder a few could compete, considering the hard work that goes into keeping the show worthy of prime time for 15 years! 

Medical Title 

Though the title of the show can be perfectly explained by the main character’s name, it is actually based on a medical book first and foremost. Doctor Henry Gray wrote an anatomy book of the same title more than a century ago. It is still widely known in medical circles. 

Medical Advisors 

To keep the show’s medical side true, all episodes are screened by real doctors who point out inconsistencies and give professional advice. Besides, the scriptwriters usually leave blanks whether specific medical terminology is needed, and doctors fill them later. Another point for keeping it true goes to the assisting character Bohkee who is actually a nurse! No wonder viewers love her so much. They feel her professionalism. Which of these Grey’s Anatomy trivia facts do you find the most interesting? Which is the most surprising? Personally, I find that fact that it is medically correct being the most important for me. After you finish this Grey’s Anatomy quiz, join another favorite series of all in the Friends Quiz

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