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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 7 months ago
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Signs that show people think you are dumb:
  • people are usually sarcastic around you 
  • people often ignore you or your ideas
  • people often laugh at you 
  • they are always surprised when you do something right 
  • they talk to you as if you were a child 
  • people the manner of speaking when talking to you 
  • nobody asks for your help 
  • and even who you volunteer, they look for somebody else 
  • they often lie to you
Signs that you are dumb:
  • you don’t understand many discussions around you 
  • you miss the meaning of many words people use 
  • you can’t get your job done well 
  • you don’t get praised at work 
  • you often overestimate your abilities 
  • most of your decisions have harmful consequences 
If you find that many of the above-mentioned facts are about you, congrats - you are dumb. I don’t mean to offend you; I mean to help you improve and grow. If the results of this quiz help you start learning and thinking logically, I’ll be glad to be of assistance. Besides, this Am I Dumb quiz is meant for entertainment purposes. None of us can know everything! There are spheres where we are superior, and there are spheres we are dumb. I’ve gathered some basic facts about life, history, anatomy, and the surrounding world to check your basis! Are you dumb? Were you a good student at school? Do you know your own body? Also, some questions will test your common logic. However, this is not a full list of trivia questions. What fields of knowledge are tested here?
am i dumb quiz


There won’t be any hard questions about geography. Just the general ones that everyone should know! If you have a general understanding of the world we live in, you’ll be able to answer these questions without fail! Be sure to check the globe if you have one before starting this quiz, though! 


There are only a couple of math questions here! Don’t worry. You need a fifth-grader skills max to answer these questions! But I highly suspect that modern fifth graders will find them easy! So let’s flex your hard science skills! 


Yet again, nothing hard here. You’ll just have to remember a few events known to most people. Considering that we learn international history in school, you’ll face a few events outside your country for sure! 


Literature and languages are rich fields for such quizzes, but I’ve limited such questions to only a couple to keep things balanced! If you’ve never read War and Peace or Moby-Dick, no worries! These are not book-specific questions. 


This is probably the essential part of this quiz. No matter how many facts you know, common logic is the most important! Otherwise, you’ll just be a boring walking Wikipedia with no proper skill to be successful in life! Are you ready to take this dumb quiz? Let’s start! P.S. Would you also like to uncover the best country for you? Then take this quiz: Where Should I Live?

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