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By: Ira Kurylenko
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Anger is such a common human emotion that people experience it on a regular basis. Some people feel it on a daily basis, others not quite as often. However, despite the negative connotations this emotion usually gets, it’s just it, just a human emotion. It’s not something inherently evil or shameful. We all do experience it, the only difference is how we process and express this emotion. 

Guess what! Anger can be expressed in a healthy way! Anger management issues as we understand them are just unhealthy and detrimental mechanisms of expressing anger. 

Do you suppose you have anger issues? If you have at least a tiny inkling that you do, let’s check it in this quick quiz! 
This anger test will determine your usual type of anger and its expression. And there are quite a few of them. Fancy a look? 

Types of Anger

anger issues

The scientific basis of this quiz lies in the work of professor Ephrem Fernandez and their the psychological research that differentials 6 main types of anger in people. 

  • Chronic anger: This involves a persistent pattern of anger that lasts for extended periods. Individuals with chronic anger may have a generally irritable or angry disposition, and their anger can be triggered by minor incidents or frustrations.
  • Passive-aggressive anger: This type of anger is characterised by indirect expression of anger. Individuals may appear outwardly calm or agreeable but express their anger indirectly through subtle behaviours such as sarcasm, backhanded compliments, or intentionally withholding information.
  • Explosive behavioural anger: Explosive anger is characterised by intense, sudden outbursts of anger that may be disproportionate to the triggering event. These episodes may involve yelling, physical aggression, or destruction of property. This type of anger issue often involves attacking others verbally through yelling, shouting, or using offensive language.
  • Anger turned inward (self-directed anger): This type of anger involves directing anger towards oneself. Individuals may blame themselves excessively, engage in self-critical thoughts, or engage in self-destructive behaviours as a way of expressing anger or self-punishment.
  • Assertive Anger: This refers to the ability to express anger in a direct and respectful manner while maintaining self-control and considering the rights and boundaries of others. It involves effectively communicating one's feelings, needs, and concerns without resorting to aggression or passive behavior.
  • Retaliatory Anger: Retaliatory anger refers to the expression of anger as a response to perceived harm, offense, or provocation. It involves a desire for retribution or payback towards the person believed to be responsible for the anger-inducing situation.

Why Am I So Angry Quiz  

anger test

Unfortunately, we cannot determine the foundation of your anger and the biological processes that trigger your anger response. However, this quiz will help you in determining your go-to type of anger based on your subconscious behavior. 
Thus, you can better understand the nuances of the process and address the issues based on your anger type. 

The test consists of 20 questions meant to distinguish your particular anger patterns and how you express them. 
If you are ready to get your answer, let’s start the quiz! 

Your Anger Issues Test Questions

angry test Do people tell you not to shout even when you ARE not shouting?
  • yes

  • no

angry test Are you a petty person?
  • oh, yes! mwahahaha

  • sometimes

  • usually not, but there were a couple of occasions

angry test For how long can you hold a grudge?
  • forever!

  • not that long, maybe a month? two?

  • even less than a month

  • I'm explosive, yes, but I don't usually hold grudges

angry test How often do you indulge in negative self-talk?
  • all the time, it's my favorite hobby

  • more often that I would like to

  • not that often

  • I try to avoid it altogether

angry test Do you often feel regret or shame after a conversation or an encounter?
  • often

  • umm, it happens sometimes

  • not very often

  • I don't feel it right after, but in several months, in a bed at night.....

angry test Have your friends or family told you to sort your anger issues?
  • yes

  • no

angry test Do people usually irritate you?
  • yes, they are super frustrating

  • sometimes

  • not often, but they can be very stupid at times

  • not really, I'm a patient person

angry test Do you suffer form disordered eating?
  • yes

  • no

ang How good are you at mocking people?
  • I'd say I'm good and I do that openly

  • amazing! but I'm subtle about it

  • not that good

  • I just don't do that

angry test Do people usually get upset with you with no apparent reason?
  • yes, I don't get what's their deal?

  • yes, but I do know why deep inside

  • no, they do have a reason usually

  • no, people like me usually

angry test What do you experience more often: getting frustrated at a situation or at a person?
  • situation

  • person

angry test When an open confrontation is approaching, would you rather avoid or embrace it?
  • avoid it

  • embrace it

angry test Revenge is the dish best served...
  • cold

  • hot

  • not served at all

  • with a pretty smile:)

anger issues test What would you with silence in a conversation?
  • fill it with something

  • use it as a weapon

  • just be awkward

  • no idae!

angry test Do you value self-love?
  • yes, it's crucial for everybody

  • sure, we should practice it when we are down

  • I haven't thought about it, tbh

  • that's no my thing

angry test When you are angry, can you channel it into a constructive conversation?
  • yes, that's my superpower!

  • I try to, but not it's not possible most of the time

  • no, I'm bad at it

  • I don't even try, what's the point?

anger issues test In general, do you believe you have anger issues?
  • yes

  • no

anger issues test During a verbal dispute, do you listen to your opponent attentively?
  • yes

  • I try to but I can't do that for long

  • hell no!

  • I just walk away usually

angry test Do you frequently raise your voice, yell, or shout when you're angry?
  • yes, I admit I do that often

  • I try not to but sometimes I just can't anymore

  • no, I'm a calm type of angry

  • I'm not sure, I haven't noticed

angry test Do you feel like breaking something can help you release your anger?
  • yes, I do that and it does help me

  • I haven't tried but I imagine it would

  • no, what's the point of breaking something?

  • I have no idea!

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