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By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 6 months ago
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There is a popular trend on Tik Tok that can tell whether you are an introverted person or an extroverted one just by one song! Have you heard about such a trend? It’s been around for some time already! And now we are joining the hype with our own OkOkOk or LaLaLa quiz! 
If you would like to see other people’s results, you can check the hashtag on social media! 

What Is This OkOkOk or LaLaLa Quiz About? 

are you ok ok ok or la la la quiz
So, the premise if the following: you listen to the song “See You Again” by Tyler, The Creator ft. Kali Uchis and keep track of what part of you are singing alone - lalala or okoko. Considering their simultaneous nature, you can choose only one to sing alone! And that particular choice will tell whether you are an introverted or an extroverted person. 
Have you already heard that song? Were you singing alone? Well, if you have, you might already know the answer! Though, let’s check it here!
This OkOkOk or LaLaLa quiz acts similar to the song. Answer these questions and get the result about your personality
The quiz is a short one - just 20 questions that will occupy less than 5 minutes of your time. Answer truthfully and you’ll get a comprehensive result based on your personality!

Introverted Vs Extroverted 

ok ok ok la la la quiz
Being introverted and extroverted represent two distinct personality traits. 
Introverts tend to find their inner world more captivating and restorative. They often feel drained after extensive social interactions and typically require alone time to recharge. Introverts may prefer smaller gatherings or one-on-one conversations, as these settings allow for deeper connections and meaningful interactions. They tend to be introspective, enjoy solitary activities like reading or creative pursuits, and are excellent listeners. Introverts are more likely to think before they speak and may find it challenging to initiate conversations with strangers.
On the other hand, extroverts thrive on social interactions and external stimuli. They often feel energized and invigorated in the company of others and enjoy being the center of attention. Extroverts are outgoing, sociable, and often quick to strike up conversations with new people. They tend to excel in group settings, work well in team environments, and enjoy activities that involve collaboration. Extroverts may have a larger circle of friends and enjoy attending parties, events, and gatherings.

La la la Ok ok ok Quiz

are you okokok or lalala
No person is 100% extroverted or introverted. We all fall somewhere in the range. Sometimes, we have more energy for personal interactions, something less. However, each of us tends more to one side than the other most of the time! 

Quiz personality quiz is meant to highlight which side of social battery to gravitate towards. After all, introverts can have good social skills when they make an effort. And being extroverted doesn’t guarantee you lots of good friends! 
If you are ready to sing the song and answer these music questions, let’s start the quiz! 

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