Am I Lovely?

By: Ira Kurylenko
Updated: 7 months ago
You are here to find the answer to this crucial question, right? Am I Lovely? Are you lovable? It's a valid issue to worry about no matter your age or gender. After all, love is a powerful force that drives our lives. Yes, it's more important for some people than for others but the general consensus lies in the inevitability of love. 
If you crave love in your life but it still evades you, this quiz might give you the answer. If you are lovable person in general, the issue is them, not you. If your character is too harsh and complicated, you might have to work on improving it. 

Who Is a Lovely Person?
am i lovely

There are tons and tons of lovely and lovable people on the planet. You probably know at least a couple of them. You might even love them as well. Do you seem lovely for others? Now that's the question! 
A lovely person usually has a set of positive traits, virtues, that attract others. Generally, we perceive the following personality traits as positive and lovable: 
  • humility
  • great sense of humor
  • generosity 
  • kindness 
  • loyalty 
  • positive attitude 
  • creativity 
Do you possess these traits? At least several of them? You might have other great features that make people love you – the list goes on and on. 
All in all, love is a very subjective feeling. It's often unexpected and unexplainable. We are all deserving of love. And each person has a personality that would suit a particular person. You just need to search for your soulmate, as silly as it is. 

Am I a Lovely Person?
lovely you

We are here to find the answer for you! Provided your answers are genuine and you choose an option that suits your feelings and actions accurate, you would get a solid answer. 
Disclaimer: this quiz is meant for entertainment purposes only. We do not wish to insult anyone or implicate your unworthiness of love. We are just assessing your character. You might be kind or harsh, you might be generous or a little Scrudge. Depending on your personality, people might find you more or less pleasing.
Remember, being single doesn't define your loveliness; your worth and charm shine regardless of relationship status.

How to Be a Lovable Person? 

If you are not lovable right now, there is nothing stopping you from improving your character. It require tremendous effort and takes a long time, but this task is possible. Provided you really want to become the best version of you, of course. 
Here are a few steps you can take to become more lovely in the eyes of your friends and family: 
  1. Become more open with people. Start with those you already know well and trust. Just be your authentic self and reveal your vulnerabilities.
  2. Be kinder. I know, I know. Easier said than done. But you can be a conscious effort to show kindness and hide your snarky remarks at least. Offer help more often and don't refuse when asked. 
  3. Manage your self-esteem. Whether it's too high or loo low, the extremes do not indicate a pleasant personality! 
Good luck with the quiz! I know you can find your love. It's just behind the corner! 

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