Important: Why Am I Single?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
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 Oh, sweety. There may be many reasons why you are single, and not all of them are because of you. Relationships and love are such complex issues. You can never be sure whether it’s a lifetime thing or a fling. If your love life is poor or even non-existent, do not rush to blame yourself. There are many forces at play here. Or, it may be your fault, you never know!!! Not even kidding. This love quiz will cover the primary and most common reasons why people stay alone for long periods. At least one of them should apply to you. Then, you can analyze this issue and decide how to deal with it. If you want to look for a partner actively. If not, it’s okay to feel loved when alone - to feel your own love. So, what are the reasons? 

Why Am I Single? Possible Reasons

You just have bad luck

 There are times in anyone’s life when they meet the worst people. Or just someone who’s not suitable for them. And this may happen several times in a row. So consider it back luck in romance. Life may turn around at any time, and you’ll meet your destiny. You are just waiting for them for now. This is one of the mildest reasons. You may be the perfect person but still have bad luck. 
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You are a difficult person

 Yes, this is an important issue for people. Who would date a difficult person? And if you are just slightly annoying, it may be your charm, and your partner will appreciate it. However, if you are a major a**hole, no wonder people don’t want serious relationships with you. You can find out whether you are an annoying person or not is the mentioned quiz. Good luck with it. 

You haven’t met your love language person

 We all have different love languages. You may even be a combination of multiple. And when you meet a person, a shared love language makes all the difference. Of course, people with different languages can still adapt and find compromises, but this is not an easy task. It just can be that most of your potential partners had a different love language, and you just couldn’t find the romance in your relationship. So, it just ended before even starting. 

You may have mental issues

 I’m not saying you have a personality disorder condition (though you may have! ready to check it in this sociopath quiz?), but you be carrying too much n your shoulders and not dealing with your emotions correctly. It may be depression or something milder, but it may still prevent a healthy relationship. Or you do not wish to meet new people and connect to anyone. May it be so? 

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