Am I a Difficult Person to Get Along With?

Updated: 2 months ago, July 8, 2023
Published: 5 months ago, April 10, 2023
Recently, my attention fell upon an interesting topic - a problematic person test. Of course, we all have people that are just difficult to get along with in our lives. But if you are such a problematic person yourself? Or am I?   
am i hard to get along with quiz
This is where such a test comes in handy. Because determining a hard person communication-wise is relatively easy. It comes to your inner feelings about the person and whether you like hanging out with them or not. But can we take a look at ourselves? An objective look? This is where a third party comes in handy. And this quiz is meant to be such a third party. It’ll be as objective as it can! It’s an AI algorithm, after all. Although a real person is behind creating the questions and answers (yours truly!), I believe that such an experiment should still be rather objective. These questions are not my personal take on what it means to be a difficult person. Of course, we all hate some specific human qualities that may contradict others’ opinions. Instead, I’ve chosen professional studies on the topics searching for the difficult person signs. These are the most common signs revealed by unbiased surveys and poles. Thus, I hope this quiz will uncover how other people see you. Don’t take the results too seriously, though. You are who you are, and no quiz can dictate your life. Be kind to yourself. If you want to improve yourself, go on. But do that for the right reasons and not an indirect push of online resources. 

Difficult Person Sign

You Have Few Friends

am i easy to get along with
Of course, alone, this sign can’t tell whether you are a difficult or a pleasant person. However, when in combination with other signs, it’s quite a typic sign of being hard to communicate with. For example, you may have only a few good friends because you like it that way. However, if you strive for many friends and still can’t manage to increase your inner circle, there might be an issue with how you behave around others. So, take a look at your friends. Do they like to hang out with you and include you in their lives? 

You Are a Bad Listener

 People generally don’t like humans who talk non-stop or don’t pay attention during a conversation. These are the two sides of being a lousy listener. Have you noticed that you talk about yourself all the time? Or do you space out often when meeting with others? Daydreaming is cute, but respect for others is essential as well. 

You Get Angered Often

 If you are easily triggered, chances are people don’t really like talking to you. You are a walking bomb, and anything can set the explosion. Plus, you are probably hot-headed and don’t think before speaking usually. Thus, you often say many hurtful things even when not genuinely meaning them. There are only three signs, but they are highly important in determining a problematic person. To learn the rest, complete this quiz. Also, you may want to check this Am I a Snowflake quiz. It may be well connected to being difficult.