Am I a Snowflake? Sensitive Test

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
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 The snowflake generation. Have you heard such a phrase? It is often used to describe current teens and young adults. The phrase has been famous online for several years already. And many have been called snowflakes for valid reasons and not. Have you been called a snowflake? At least once, right? While people only mainly reveal their anger management issues and insult everybody around, this quiz determines how much of a snowflake you are. Based on your opinions and actions, not the stress level of your companion. 

Snowflake Person Origins

 The origins of the phrase date back to the middle of the 19th century. Throughout the years, it had a political meaning and was connected to slavery issues and so on. Of course, we all know this phrase from the iconic movie Fight Club as well. In the 90s, it was already used in the current interpretation. Just remember the quote: “Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.” It was said in the meaning of uniqueness. So that people wouldn’t think highly of themselves as I they are as unique as one in-universe snowflake. It was used in the meaning of equality. Today, the term has gained a more derogatory meaning. In addition to the Fight Club interpretation, it now means an entitled person who is readily upset or hurt by trivial things. It indicates a person who can’t handle the harsh reality of life. If you want to live in a fairy tale where everyone is polite to you, the society is kind; the economic and ethical are soled once and for all, you are a snowflake. Of course, striving for all these things should be the life goal of all people, but a snowflake usually lives in a world with its own rules.
am i a snowflake

Snowflake Generation Quiz

 To my mind, stereotyping a whole generation as snowflakes is too much. There are sensitive people, entitled people, and hardworking toughies at all times. We have such people currently as well. It’s hard to stereotype when you live alongside the sins of modern people. Our brain tends to remember only the best, which is why we think that past generations are better at specific issues. When, in fact, people are different overall. No matter what century they live in. You don’t think that there were no lazy, entitled snowflakes in the middle ages, right? Anyway, this Snowflake quiz is meant to determine whether you show the snowflake signs and to what degree. Are you just a little bit of a snowflake? Which seems totally fine to me. Or are they the biggest “most unique” snowflakes out there? Let’s find out in quick 20 questions! I also recommend uncovering Your Spirit Animal if you want to learn more about your nature. Maybe, the animal will also indicate how much of a snowflake you are. 

Am I a Snowflake? Sensitive Test Questions

Snowflake test Are you good with criticism?
  • yes, I'm hard, I can handle it

  • it hurts, but I know it'll make me better

  • I'm not good at handling it

  • not good. critics are just mean; they'll do anything to hurt people

Snowflake test You hate the most
  • liars

  • rude people

  • narcissists

  • prudes

  • naive people

Snowflake test Do you care about others' opinion of you?
  • yes

  • only my loved ones

  • not really

Snowflake test When you face bullying, do you confront people or run from it?
  • confront it

  • run from it

Snowflake test Netflix and Chill?
  • any time!

  • yeah, a good idea

  • not this time

  • not my thing

Snowflake test Bitter truth or sweet lies?
  • bitter truth

  • sweet lies

Snowflake test Are you generally a polite person?
  • yes

  • no

Snowflake test Can words trigger you?
  • easily

  • only something really mean

  • not really, people are just mean

Snowflake test How about too entitled?
  • yes!

  • a bit

  • no

Snowflake test How often do you cry?
  • very often

  • on occasion

  • rarely

  • almost never

Snowflake test Do you get upset when people brush off your opinion?
  • yes, it really hurts

  • it hurts but I can take it

  • it's okay, sh** happens

Snowflake test What about "cancelling" people?
  • I have done that

  • it's a working trategy, but it's used too much these days

  • that's a stupid tactic

Snowflake test What's your age?
  • under 18

  • 18-22

  • 23-29

  • 30+

Snowflake test Do older people hate you?
  • yes

  • no

  • I'm not sure

Snowflake test Are you closer to your family or friends?
  • family

  • friends

Snowflake test Are you easy to get angered?
  • yes

  • no

  • somewhat

Snowflake test Is your opinion the only right opinion?
  • yes, always

  • most of the time

  • sometimes, not always

  • no, that'd be too pretentious

Snowflake test How often do you lie?
  • very often

  • rather often

  • not often

  • almost never

Snowflake test Do YOU consider yourself a snowflake?
  • yes

  • just a bit

  • no

Snowflake test Do you think people these days are too sensitive?
  • totally

  • yes, a bit

  • no

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