Attack on Titan Characters: Which One Are You?


Synopsis: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is a Japanese manga and TV series that tells a fantastic story of a form of magic, human relations, and socio-economic and ethnic struggles.

What begins as an action-heavy story about hunting cannibalistic giants (called Titans here) later develops into an intricate story of pain, suffering, and revolution. The transition will hit you like a rock! 

That is a short synopsis of Shingeki no Kyojin I like to give my friends when they ask what the anime is about. In reality, it’s more complicated and fun than that. 

But when I start talking about character, there is simply no stopping. They are all so cool and exciting. And I hope this Attack on Titan character test will reveal your favorite person from the story. You deserve to be the one you like the most. 

Instead, let’s talk about Titans. I’m fascinated with them as well. With the exception of one specimen, I find them fun to watch and magnificent in their power. Would you be able to tell which Titan is the odd one out for me? 

The Founding Titan

aot characters

This is royal and majestic both in blood and in its beliefs. Due to some tricky bit of magic, anyone with the Founding Titan becomes a kind of philosopher taking a role of non-intrusion. The carrier becomes such by default. With one tricky exception that we all know of, right?

The Attack Titan

attack on titan character quiz

This one is the mighty Titan. Its carriers receive great power. If trained properly, I believe Eren would be a force of even greater scale than shown in the series. 

The Colossus Titan

aot characters

I’m not a fan of melting flesh and the enormous statues of raw muscles. But the Colossus is an essential weapon of mass destruction. As seen in the two recent seasons, you’d be a fool to neglect the importance of Colossus. 

The Female Titan

attack on titan character quiz

Most of the Titans are either non-binary or look male. This one is unique. The Female Titan is an all-purpose weapon with great offensive abilities and the hardening skill for the ultimate defense. She also can summer other Titans! 

The Armored Titan

attack on titan character quiz

We’ve all seen how hard it was for Eren to fight with Reiner. He is hard on all sides. This is truly a tank unit of the Titans. 

The Beast Titan

aot characters

This is a fine baseball player! Though I support the skill is all Zeke’s, but crushing stoner with ease and the huge reach of long hands is of the Titan. Besides, according to legends, there were even beat Titans with wings. How cool would that be? 

The Jaw Titan

aot characters

As we’ve seen from the few limited fights with the Jaw Titan, this is a highly agile, fast, and destructive specimen. 

The War Hammer Titan

aot characters

The transformational ability of the Hammer is incredible. As far as I understand, it can create all kinds of structures from a hard Titan flesh. Imagine how useful that is for offense and as the ultimate defense. Plus, the carrier is hidden somewhere safe via the cord. 

As you see, I like the Cart Titan the least among all the Attack on Titan characters. It may be useful but, for some reason, I cannot stand its appearance. That is too much for me. 

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