The Ultimate My Hero Academia Quiz

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
Are you a big fan of My Hero Academia? Do you only watch anime series or also read the manga? Personally, I find it hard to wait for the next season when there is a perfect continuation published in the manga. Thus, I switch to the published works. Besides, this is the ideal way to support the author, right? What is your opinion on the matter? Anyway, on the topic of this MHA quiz. For the sake of all fans who prefer to stick to the animated series, I’ve used only the trivia and facts mentioned in the four seasons we’ve seen so far. And a few OVAs! Like everybody else, I await the upcoming season and watch it even though I know what it’ll show. It’s always fascinating to see how those fighting scenes are motioned when it comes to manga and anime. And there will be so many great fights starting from the first few episodes of the season! Trust me, I know! And to see them animated would be a great pleasure. Before starting this BNHA quiz and while we still wait for season 5, let’s highlight the main questions that have to be answered asap! 

Who’s the traitor?

There is a traitor in the U.A., and we still don’t know who they are. What if it’s a teacher? What if it’s a student? What if we fall in love with a specific character and they turn out to be a traitor? That would be a disaster. What would you do in such a situation? I think I’d still love the character and side with the bad guys a bit. It all depends on how much I like them. I wish they’d pay more attention to the matter. This is a severe issue for the future Good vs. Evil opposition. And it puts all the students in danger. 
Mha quiz

One for All vs. All for One 

What’s the relation between these two Quirks? Their bearers are in constant struggle with each other. Yet, the Quirks are similar in nature. There should be a deeper connection between them, and we have to know the story behind the first carriers! The last scene of the final season four episode brought many questions for the upcoming season to cover.


When will Deku master One for All to its full potential? We’ve briefly seen it’s full strength a couple of times, but those were disastrous for Izuku. I hope he becomes stronger soon. But when will it be? Will we jump a few years to see the characters as young adults? Or will we enjoy around 20 seasons of MHA before that happens? These are the most important questions for me right now. Are you interested in other issues? I’d be glad to Feel free to share your thoughts alongside your results of My Hero Academia quiz with all those questions in mind. I'm also sure you'll like this Stranger Things Quiz

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