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Stranger Things is one of the leading series on Netflix. 2021 will be the year of its fourth season. The fans worldwide await new episodes to discover the fate of its main characters, especially Hopper. A small spoiler: he is alive! And while we all wait for the release date announcement, let’s check this Stranger Things quiz to brush up on the previous seasons. But waits! First, check out these Stranger Things facts before proceeding to the quiz. I’m sure you’ll find many cute and shocking details about the fan-favorite show of the generation. 

Based on Real-Life Experiences 

Though we have not reached transdimensional travels yet (as far as civilians know), the U.S. government conducts studies and research of various kinds, including some of the supernatural sorts. Luckily, none of them has resulted in a Demogorgon’s awakening, but the kids are still subjected to dubious studies. One of them is the Montauk Project, the famous Long Island urban legend. The alleged subjects of the experiment recall experimenting with time, matter, space, and other mysteries. Tie in the military Philadelphia experiment that (according to conspiracy theories) managed to transport a ship ...somewhere or sometimes unknown. 

Different Time Setting

Though the show’s initial setting was always meant to revolve around the 80s, its original idea was of a grander scale. The Duffer brothers meant to show numerous eerie and mystic tales in the span of the last 40 years. Each season would showcase tales set in a different time period, thus covering the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and 20s. Though this sounds like a fascinating idea, it would be hard to say goodbye to the fantastic Stranger Things characters we all love now!
Stranger things trivia quiz

Duffer pranksters 

Spoiler alert! Read with caution if you haven’t seen the first season yet! It turns out that the Duffer brothers are great pranksters as well. During season 1 filming, the crew ordered a hyper-realistic prop body of Noah Schnapp, who plays Will for the corpse-scenes. However, before filming, the producers hid the body in the closet and pranked the boy’s mother. After the initial scare, Mrs. Schnapps laughed it off. 

The Upside Down is Wrong 

An interesting Stranger Things trivia fact: the title Upside Down is actually a wrong name for the dimension. It should be called the Nether. However, the cast was so used to this title that it was left for the show. As a result, the season 2 script switched the name as well. 

Millie Bobby Brown is King

It turns out that Stephen King praised Millie Bobby Brown for the acting. And when you have such a huge role model in the world of horror praising an actor, they get a massive advantage over the other candidates. Note that the actress was recognized for her role in Intruders, so you may want to watch the movie as well. Now, when you know these crucial facts about the most awaited show of 2021, check out our Stranger Things test! If you are a true TV series fan, you'll find our Friends trivia entertaining as well! 

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