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By: Denis Priesnov
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The Big Bang Theory in numbers: 
  • 12 seasons 
  • 279 episodes
  • 52 Emmy nominations for the show and actors 
  • 73 - the best number 
  • 7 time Stephen Hawking appeared on the show 
And an infinity of devoted fans around the world! 

What is Big Bang Theory Quiz About? 

the big bang theory quiz
This quiz is meant to check your knowledge of the iconic show of the previous decade. No matter what critics say about it, I know that numerous people worldwide have seen it several times already and enjoy each episode. I am one of such people. I find that many characters have relatable moments, although some actions are exaggerated. But this is the nature of current TV shows. For better or worse, we learn to pay attention to genuine emotions and reasonings and pass the “over the top” once introduced for comedic effects. This quiz will mainly pay attention to the personal details about their characters and their lives. Although the show is highly about the scientific world, I’ve decided not to include such complex questions for the sake of the audience (and my own, frankly). Yes, it’s interesting to learn something about science in the episodes, but most of us are hardly scientific enough to remember such stuff. I hope you will enjoy the chosen questions and will pass the test easily and quickly. 

Some Interesting Big Bang Theory Trivia Facts 

Here are some interesting facts about the show you may not know! 

Over 18 Million People Per Episode

This is the number of people who’ve watched every episode of the last season on average. The exact number is 18.6 million! This is quite an impressive achievement after 12 years of the show’s lifespan. 

A Different Penny 

An original pilot episode that was not approved for further production featured a completely different Penny. She was meaner and used the boys to her liking. And she was not portrayed by Kaley Cuoco. I’ve seen the initial takes, and I’m glad we have the show in its final way! 

Kunal Nayyar Created Raj 

Well, he didn’t write the character himself, but the crew didn’t know what kind of an international character to write before the audition. The actor was just so charming that the authors decided to create a character from India. I wonder who could be just as charming as him in an alternative version of the show.
big bang theory trivia quiz

A Jellyfish Was Named After the Show 

A new genus of jellyfish was discovered after the success of the show name Bazinga! Its family is known as Bazingidae. Well, you know it’s a great catchphrase if scientists use it as the name of a newly discovered animal. This is where the show makes contributions to science. These were a couple of interesting facts not all viewers know about. Of course, the pilot is well-known among hardcore fans, but I’d like to share the fact with the general audience as well. If you are looking for another trivia quiz about your favorite show, I’ll gladly recommend the Shameless Trivia Quiz

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