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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 11 months ago
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Shameless is a popular TV show that depicts families’ ordinary (sometimes a bit exaggerated) life. It was initially filmed in the UK and later rebooted in the US. Just as similar UK-US projects like the Office, Being Human, Queer as folk, the show depicts the real people in favor of the “fairytale” perfect family. The show is about people, their emotions, mistakes, and sinful craving. To my mind, it’s a refreshing approach with the thousands of boring and unrealistic shows around. Here, you can actually relate to people and some of their decisions. No matter how shameful they are. Though, in this case, I’d say shameless! 

What Is This Shameless Quiz?

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This quiz is a trivia test to check how well you know the American version of the show. Considering that it’s way longer than the British version, you’ll really have to put your memory to work. I’m sure you can remember enough details about the plot and the characters to pass this test. If not, it means you’ll have to rewatch it all over from the start and be more mindful. But, honestly, the show has many great details that you can miss the first time. So, if you like rewatching all shows as much as I do, you should definitely reunite with Shameless. 

Shameless Trivia Questions

 These are the questions that only a true Shameless fan can answer. If you’ve seen a couple of episodes and that’s all, you won’t be able to complete the quiz. However, if you’ve seen the series thru and thru, I’m sure you can complete it and get the highest points for it! The questions do not cover every single season, but that is only because I’ve chosen only the show’s best episodes, in my opinion. If you know of other cute little details of the show suitable for a trivia quiz, please let me know in the comments below. 

The Most Shameless Characters

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I’ve decided to share with you the top of the most shameless characters of the show who are the epitome of the series’ name for me. I believe that at least three of them fall into everybody’s top ranking of this criteria! For the rest, I hope you give some character details as a backup; I’m very interested. 


 Okay, I literally have acquaintances who think that Frank is not the most depraved and shameless of all. And not even in the series, overall on the US TV show guide (those who are not the villains, at least, as I don’t believe he falls under the category strictly). He’s doing despicable things and has no shame about them, but there are still some touching moments as he interacts with the family! 


 This is my two most shameless person in the series. In the beginning, I wouldn’t believe that she’ll only fall close behind Frak. I had expectations of her. As it turns out, stealing baby strollers and babies themselves is a good enough deal for her! This is my list. Who would you include in yours? If you want more quizzes on your favorite shows, you also may take this Office Quiz

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