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The Office

Why is a show that brings us back to the office work so popular? Don't we get enough of it while at work? There is something special to a show that would make us re-watch the daily routine and still like it! Moreover, a true fan has watched and re-watched the show at least a couple of times and can now answer the hardest The Office trivia!

This is the most popular mockumentary on American TV. Released back in 2005, it is still a popular streaming choice even though it has ended long ago. The show has even surpassed its British predecessor in terms of popularity and fan base! And even though The American Office was based on the same principles and ideas as the British one, we get two completely different products. 


One of the most significant differences in the shows comes from the specifics of American and British humor. As the show is meant for comedic relief, humor often determines its direction. The differences in the typical American and British comedy made the shows so different. 

The Office UK creators used a slightly dry, realistic, and brutal type of humor to showcase the daily life in an office. On many occasions, this is an honest representation of how the stuff works in a professional environment. But this is not what the viewers wanted to watch. Thus, this is a short-lived sitcom. 

The Office US, while still just as cringy at times, shows a more optimistic view of the office work. American humor is more slapstick and overly-cheerful at times. This approach leaves us in an elevated mood. The audience can laugh at the expense of regular office workers, not relive their own experiences! 

A significant difference also lies in the leading managers of the office, Michael and David. 

For many people, Micheal is the favorite character of the show. Yes, he is not an angel, but he is devoted to the company, the office, and is simply hilarious. At the same time, David is more brash, arrogant, and is a jerk. 

Why is it so popular? 

Now that we've determined that the sense of humor chosen for the US version suits this mockumentary better, what other details attract the audience and make them watch it time after time? 

For me, this is the development of most characters. They are not plain and boring. These characters grow and change throughout the seasons. If they stayed the same for all those seasons, the show would quickly become tedious. Take Pam, for example. If you compare her in season one and in the finale, you'll see a drastic difference. From a timid and shy secretary, she became the heart of the office, a family woman, and a bit of a trickster. This is what I call a good development. 

And what are things that make you fall in love with the show? Why is it your favorite? 

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