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By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 6 months ago
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 In recent years, all of the world has heard about Korean music. SIngers and groups are promoted internationally. And while only a few were Kpop music fans outside of the country only about five years ago, it has millions of followers not. One of the most successful international groups is Blackpink. 2019 and 2020 have given us many exciting collaborations of this all-girl band with American singers. You’ve probably heard at least a couple of them already! 

About Blackpink

 Blackpink is a relatively small-scale girlband (at least by Korean standards, where most come with around 6-7 members). It has four outstanding members: Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose. One of the coolest things about Kpop is that even despite the significant number of members, each of them always has their distinctive personality and their own followers! If you take a bit of time trying to learn more about the members, you’ll choose one who is the closest to your taste. Blackpink is not an exception to this rule. Each girl is unique and captures your heart with her distinctive character, like, and performances. Let’s take a look at them before starting a Blackpink bias quiz. Jisoo is the oldest of the group but has a quirky personality, which makes her seem younger! Korean fans call such eccentricity a 4D personality. And Jisoo represents it all: from the Pikachu obsession to her uncanny skill of balancing anything and everything on her head. She is a Blackpink visual. Jennie is the main rapper of the group and also a good vocalist. She is edgy and at all times. Simultaneously, she is surprisingly good at aegyo despite her rough stage image. Jennie is pretty and savage! Rose. This girl impresses all the fans with both her vocals and dancing. Though Rose is shy off-stage, when it comes to performances, she is energetic and footloose. If you watch some materials outside of their performances, you may often see Rose eating something. And with their crazy training schedules, it’s no surprise that they need to be eating much to be energetic. Lisa is the last member but not the least member of Blackpink. She is actually the group’s maknae (being the youngest one), which can be often seen in her behavior. She is an energetic mischief-maker. Lisa is also a dancer and a rapper of the group. 
Blackpink bias quiz


 In a recent couple of years, Blackpink has significantly switched to the American music scene trying to win new fans. As a result, we have a significant number of collaborations between these girls of many notable singers. 
Among them are:
  • Selena Gomez and the girly Ice Cream collab
  • Lady Gaga and edgy Sour Candy
  • Dua Lipa and upbeat Kiss & Make Up
  • Cardi B and the hyped Bet You Wanna
And these are only the beginning of the group’s collaboration with the western music scene. More hits and pairings incoming in the upcoming year! Now, to the Blackpink quiz! Check your BTS bias as well! 

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