BTS Bias Quiz: Who’ll It Be?


BTS is arguably the most popular boy group in the Korean pop scene. It has also reached international success and is now a frequent guest in many American shows and red carpet events, which is an excellent development for all the band fans. Hopefully, this BTS bias quiz will bring even more people to the Army (this is the name for BTS fans, no actual need to worry).

If you have only heard a couple of BTS songs or know them by heart but still cannot choose the best boy for you, this quiz will help you select a member who you’ll stan every time you see or hear about the band. Also, note that it’s okay to have two biases; one of them may even be your bias wrecker! And when the group is so diverse and impressive, it’s tough to choose only one member!

If you are already familiar with all BTS members, you may proceed to the quiz and finally find out your bias! If not, let me tell you a bit about each one of them. And there are seven members!


Meet the leader of the group. Previously known as Rap Monster, RM, Kim Namjoon in real life is intelligent, responsible, and wholesome. Fans love his rap parts and appreciate the number of fantastic songs he has helped write for BTS.

An interesting fact: RM has the best English skills in the band. He is self-touted (thanks to Friends). When others speak English in interviews, you can almost feel his wish to facepalm.


Jin, Kim Seokjin in real life, is the unofficial mommy of the group but paired with dad jokes. Fans also know him as “Worldwide Handsome” and Jin likes to remind us about that in all interviews. And this BTS quiz appreciates that!

He is a great vocalist with impressive parts in most BTS songs.


Suga, Min Yoongi in real life, is a fantastic composer and the rapper of the group. However, his solo project Agust D shows that he is a good vocalist as well.

Suga may seem a bit grumpy to new fans, but the Army knows him as cute and funny when he is relaxed.


Shield your eyes! You are about to see a mini sun in person! Just kidding. J-Hope, Jung Hoseok in life is sunny, cheery, and bright! He is the sunshine of the group. J-Hope is also a part of the BTS rapper and dancer line. This member is often loud and super energetic but in a cute and positive way.


Kim Taehyung is a vocalist and a visual of the group. He is a constant top in the cutest and most handsome ratings, being placed as the number 1 a few times! But V’s vocals are just as great as his looks. Contradicting his cute face, V’s voice can go deep and husky.


Park Jimin is a cute and friendly extrovert of the group. He is cheerful and friends with everybody. Jimin is also hard-working, which translates beautifully into his angelic vocals and powerful dancing. Despite considering himself chubby at times, fans appreciate his impressive abs.


Jeon Jungkook is the youngest of the members (known as Golden Maknae). He has a considerable part in lie distribution due to his impressive vocals, a great dancer, and the band’s second visual.

His fellow group members like to joke that he is good at everything he does.

Now, let’s find out which of these Korean singers is your bias!

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