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By: Denis Priesnov
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 Top of the most hilarious Brooklyn 99 characters: 
  • Jake
  • Holt
  • Gina
  • Terry
  • Amy
  • Scully
  • Rosa
  • Boyle
  • Hitchcock
Brooklyn 99 is foremost a comedy for me. The crime and detective part is only minor. Thus, the series has to offer a decent level of humor. Personally, I find that the whole crew can be hilarious at times. Of course, this rating is highly subjective and can be completely different tomorrow. Some characters we are laughing with, others we are laughing at. But there are bright moments for each of them. When you first start watching the show, many of the characters may be simply too much for you. But after several episodes, you start to appreciate all those character peculiarities and soon will enjoy character development!
brooklyn 99 trivia

What is Brooklyn 99 Quiz About?

 I’ve focused my attention on the characters, not just for fun. This quiz will actually be more about them than anything else. This Brooklyn 99 test is of a trivia type. I’ll check just how well you know the characters, their likes and dislikes, some of their exciting traits, and so on. Of course, there’ll be some questions about the plot, but the percentage is so low that you won’t even notice them. When it comes to Brooklyn 99, you often don’t notice some minor details with all the jokes “running around.” But I hope you are attentive enough and can ace this quiz with ease. If not, I have a simple solution for you that’s helped me to master Friends and become the ultimate expert on trivia - turn the series in the background while doing something else. Are you cooking? Brooklyn 99 can be a great companion? Cleaning your room? Headphones and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will make it more enjoyable. How about I discuss the top three funny characters and why exactly I like them? You can add your lists and reasons in the comments section, and we’ll discuss! 
brooklyn nine nine trivia

Brooklyn 99 Trivia About Characters


 Okay, this one is obvious. Everyone thinks that he is the most hilarious. Plus, he’s meant to be by the writers as well. He’s the main character, after all. I think there is no surprise that many people would support the idea. Jake is immature and always does what he wants, especially in season 1. And I like this freedom to be silly and act childish. Grown-ups don’t really get to enjoy that in real life. 


 Yes, he may be robot-like, but his sarcastic sense of humor turns out to be just my cup of tea. Nobody would have guessed from the start, but he can be pretty melodramatic. And that is an appealing quality. 


 For me, Gina is the third. Her witty remarks are 100 percent hilarious all the time. I just wish the showrunners would include her more often. Her self-love is astounding. We all should be more like Gina. Humor-wise as well. You may also like: Big Bang Theory Quiz

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