Doctor Who Quiz: Can You Get 100% on It?

By: Denis Priesnov
Updated: 4 months ago
 Doctor Who is one of the best science fiction TV series of two centuries! It has shown us a variety of main heroes and their partners, a wide range of time travels, and fantastic adventures. This Doctor Who Quiz will test your knowledge in the series trivia! Be ready to remember all the most exciting details of the entire series. Both revival and the original series! Throughout the long history of the series, we’ve seen dozens and dozens of new places, races, and exciting stories. One of the most fascinating things for me is the variety of races! The Doctor and Co have seen so many anthropomorphic and otherwise creatures! I’d like to introduce some of the most interesting races we’ve seen! Share your thoughts on the list and add what species fascinate you the most! 


Doctor Who Quiz
This is the archenemy of the Doctor. How can anyone be mentioned first besides Daleks? (If it’s not a Timelord himself!!) Daleks are the most important alien race we see throughout the whole series! Have you heard that Ridley Scott was meant to create the visual design of Daleks? That’s the man responsible for Alien!! I wonder how these alien warriors could look in his hands. Certainly scarier than what we are used to. However, the classic design became the epitome of the show! Thus, they are a beloved villain that would like to EXTERMINATE all Time Lords and the Doctor in particular! 


Doctor Who Quiz
These aliens look exactly like a Creature from the Black Lagoon. I just like how they look! Costume designers and makeup artists working on creating these creatures have done a wonderful job. Besides, this race is native to Earth. That means that, theoretically, they can be hiding somewhere in the caves of our planet!! They come in different spaces and colors, with various subspecies. In some form, they are more similar to humans than many other alien races. 

Weeping Angels

Doctor Who Quiz
There is a word angel in the name! I cannot dismiss them! Though these creatures may be scarier than you’d think of angels, they are still thrilling to watch. The very notion of quantum-poked beings can leave you puzzled and scared at the same time. Personally, I find the story arc with these villains to be among the most terrifying of both the revival and original series. Also, have you seen Weeping Angels in some other franchises? I know of a couple already! 


Doctor Who Quiz
I love the Lovecraftian cosmic pantheon in general and the great Cthulhu in particular! Thus, it’s pretty obvious why I would remember a species like this one! Can you remember this race, introduced at the beginning of the revival? I was impressed! 

Cassandra O’Brien.Δ17

Doctor Who Quiz
Technically, not a whole interesting alien species, but Lady Cassandra deserves a spot of her own. She has one of the most memorable appearances in the series. Considering her human nature, we can relate to her and еру wish to remain young and beautiful as long as possible. What Doctor Who races/species do you find the most fascinating? P.S. Have you already tried this Grey's Anatomy Trivia

Doctor Who Quiz: Can You Get 100% on It? Questions

doctor who test What Doctor incarnation is believed to be the kindest?
  • 3rd

  • 7th 

  • 13th

  • 1st

dr who quiz The parents actually named River Song ....
  • Katy 

  • Judie

  • Penelope 

  • Melody 

doctor who River Song was stolen by
  • Osirian

  • Kovarian

  • Reaper

  • Scream

doctor who quiz What artifact keeps the equilibrium of time?
  • a key 

  • a book 

  • a script 

  • the first TARDIS

doctor who Choose the odd one out
  • Constance Clarke

  • Flip Ramon

  • The Timeless Child

  • The Doctor

doctor who uiz Dalek dream of catching the Doctor and
  • annihilating 

  • exterminating 

  • eradicating 

  • extinguishing 

doctor who trivia What Dalek has seen future vents?
  • Black Dalek Leader

  • Caan

  • Shask 

  • none

doctor who quiz Doctor's TARDIS is the model ...
  • Type 40

  • Type 100

  • Type 102

  • War TARDIS

doctor who tests True or false: The main attribute of the 5th Doctor was a long scarf.
  • true

  • false

doctor who Initially, Doctor Who episodes were timed for
  • 20 minutes

  • 25 minutes

  • 30 minutes

  • 35 minutes

doctor who quiz One of these races does not originate from planet Skaro.
  • Thal

  • Daleks

  • Kaleds

  • Ood

doctor who How many pilots are needed to operate TARDIS by instruction?
  • 2

  • 4

  • 6

  • none

doctor who trivia What alien race is the first Doctor faces in the series?
  • Daleks

  • Weeping Angels

  • Voord

  • Thals

Doctor Who trivia Which Doctor incarnation was temporarily blind?
  • 1st

  • 5th 

  • 6th 

  • 9th 

  • 12th 

doctor who quiz Which Doctor is famous for this catchphase? “Geronimo!”
  • 7th

  • 10th

  • 11th

  • 13th

doctor who quiz Which Doctor is famous for this catchphase? “Allons-y!”
  • 2nd 

  • 4th 

  • 6th 

  • 7th 

  • 10th 

doctor who trivia Name the ship of Clockwork Robots
  • Madame de Pompadour

  • Marquis de Sade

  • Louis The Great 

  • Jacques Cousteau

doctor who trivia As of 2021, how any episodes there are overall?
  • 356

  • 642

  • 564

  • 862

doctor who quiz Does the series show more travels to the future or the past?
  • future

  • past

doctor who trivia quiz How old was the younger Doctor actor?
  • 23

  • 27

  • 31

  • 33

dr who quiz What Doctor incarnation is the first to meet River Song?
  • 8

  • 9

  • 10

  • 11

  • 12

Doctor who test Which of the following species doesn't have a binary vascular system?
  • Aridians

  • Time Lords

  • Kirithons

  • Dulcians

doctor who series Approximately, how many adventures of the revival series happen in alien worlds?
  • one third

  • two thirds 

  • a half

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